Are Dogs allowed at Kohl’s?

Are Dogs allowed at Kohl's?

Are Dogs allowed at Kohl’s?

Kohl’s- the prestigious fashion network which has established its retail chain throughout the U.S. has about 1500+ departmental stores and is known for selling quality clothing and fashion-related products. Such a huge chain has a wide range of customers including those who love to take along their pets wherever they go. The article talks about the Are Dogs allowed at Kohl’s?

According to recently updated norms of 2021, dogs are not allowed at Kohl’s stores. They took this decision to ensure the health and safety of other customers and staff as some customers/ staff might have allergies. However, service dogs are permitted, as defined by ADA- American with Disability Act. While surveying many employees, the common answer received was that every Kohl’s store’s store manager decides to allow pets or not. 

  • It will be best to ask your nearest Kohl’s store manager for the local pet policy before bringing in dogs. 

You can contact your store manager personally or through contact numbers available on the internet. The Kohl’s store manager also decides on the level of necessity of the service animal, suppose if the customer is visually or hearing impaired Kohl’s will not be able to refuse and thus grant permission for allowing service dogs. This should strongly not be confused by animals that are accompanied for emotional support. Again all of this depends on the store manager of the respective Kohl’s store. 

  • The customers should also know that Kohl’s is allowed to ask if their pet is a service animal or not, but they do not have the authority to ask for service animal verification papers. 

If seen according to ADA- a question like this falls under discrimination laws. If any of the employees ask for such papers, they might face consequences including the manager. In some cases, service dogs might be disturbing or posing a threat to the staff and customers by barking loudly or trying to harm customers/staff or the products at the sale. In such cases, Kohl’s has all the rights to refuse the entry of the service dog. If your service dog possesses no harm and is quite friendly and trained, Kohl’s has no reason to deny its entry into the store. Kohl’s does not discriminate among different breeds of dogs. 

If your service animal might pose a threat and thus do not imply according to the policy and if you are unable to leave your service animal and shop alone, you can still shop at Kohls. Let’s understand what it’s pet policy is in general.

Kohl’s Pet Policy

Despite the pet policy being slightly different as per the location of the departmental store, we will be looking into the general pet policy which is accepted in all Kohl’s departments. As mentioned, it forbids the entry of a dog unless and until it is a service dog. The pet policy is not updated on the official website, but it is widely known among departmental stores. The basic requirements of the pet policy are as follows- 

  • The dogs entering the store should be securely leashed
  • The dogs should not misbehave in the store
  • The owner will be held responsible for all the actions of the dog.

To abide by the pet policy, make sure that you

  • Do not keep your dog hungry before entering the store, feed your dog so that it won’t harm any edible items of the store.
  • Take your dog out for a poop/pee before entering so that it does not litter in the store
  • Make your dog comfortable in being leashed before entering the store.

Kohl’s does not have a hard and fast rule against bringing your pet to the store as per most of the store managers. But there had been cases where people complained about some pets bothering the customers to the store managers. In such cases, the store managers do not permit any dogs except the service dogs. For those who cannot leave their dogs alone and want to shop at a Kohl’s department which has restricted the entry of dogs, Kohls has launched the curbside policy. The article further talks about using the curbside policy in detail.

How to use Curbside policy?

  • Using the Kohls drive-up services you can place your order online on the Kohl’s official website or the Kohl’s app.
  • You will receive an email from Kohls when your order is ready
  • Make sure you follow the instructions given in that email while picking up the order.
  • It is important to have this email while picking up your order.
  • After you arrive at the store along with your dog in the car, call on the arrival number and your order will be brought to your car in the drive-through or the Kohl’s parking lot.
  • Before depositing the order, the employees will check your email and keep your order in the car trunk, or the back seat as requested.


  • Can I bring my dog into any Kohl’s store?

The pet policy might differ from store to store, but generally, they have not avoided entry until and unless the animal is violent and not under control.

  • Does the breed of my dog also become a condition for not allowing it into the store?

No, Kohl’s does not have special rules for a different breed, it does not discriminate between different breeds.

  • What should I do if my service dog is aggressive?

This might cause harm to other customers and staff in the store thus, you may opt for a curbside purchase policy. Safety is one of the major concerns for Kohls.

We can thus conclude that permitting dogs to the store is completely dependent on the decision of the store manager of the respective store. Despite the pet policy not allowing dogs, Kohls is quite friendly towards them. You can make use of the curbside policy in locations which does not allow dogs in Kohl’s departmental stores.

Are Dogs allowed at Kohl’s?

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