Can I load my cash app card at dollar general?

Can I load my cash app card at dollar general?

Dollar General operates 17,266 variety stores in the U.S. It was started as a family business in 1939 as J.L. Turner and son, and the name Dollar General was given in 1955. It is headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Now that online payments are taking over, Dollar General is also moving together with the new financial payments and has made it possible for customers to load their cash cards at its stores. Can I load my cash app card at dollar general?

Yes, it is possible to load a cash card at the dollar general. You can do it by asking the employee at Dollar General’s cash desk. But to get more insights about the cash app card, you will have to read this article first.

Cash app card

A cash app card is a type of debit specific for cash app users. They can use a cash app card to make payments at any place that accepts visas as a payment method. A cash app card is allotted to users above 18 years of age.

One can get a cash app card after they order it through the cash app card. The cash app card is delivered within 10 days of ordering it.

Use of the cash app card

The cash app card can be used at many places to make payments. Users can upload the cash app card to online payment apps like google pay and Apple pay. Along with the online payment apps, one can also use a cash app card to withdraw money at ATMs, load money into the cash app card at stores, and pay at different stores.


Here are the process to check the details of the transaction on a cash app card.

You can easily check the status and success or failure of the transaction by logging in to your Cash app account. You can check the balance of your account, load the cash app card at the dollar general, pay with the help of it, etc. read the following topics to find more about each action.

Loading the card at the dollar general

To load the cash app card at any store, you need to first link it with an active bank account. Loading a cash app card is pretty simple, you just need to ask the cashier at the cash desk to load the money in your account and give him/her the amount to load.

You might be asked for some details like contact number, account number, etc. Provide the details and the cashier will complete the transaction. After this, you would have to pay certain fees, forgetting your cash app card loaded. You can instantly check whether the money has reached your account or not.

Checking the balance of your cash app card

First, open your cash app card account and click on the dollar sign to check the balance in your account. This can also be done through any device (computer, mobile, tablet, etc). Users can also inquire about the account balance with the customer service team of the cash app.

Transaction history

If you wish to see specific details about every transaction, then you should tap the transaction history option on the chime app. There you will be able to see the amount of each transaction separately, so you can check if the correct amount is loaded into your cash app card or not.

Making payments with cash app

The cash app card can be used to make payments. The cash app card is used as a payment method at almost every place which accepts Visa cards for payment.

Dollar General also accepts payments through a cash app card.

Users should remain careful of committing some mistakes to avoid failure of money transfer.

Sometimes people face failure while loading their cash card at Dollar General, so if they remain careful of these things, then these situations can be avoided.

  • Making the payment during the poor network.
  • Loading the money into an expired card.
  • Trying to load money without linking the card to any authentic bank.
  • Trying to load money without activating it.

All these actions can fail the transaction, so customers should continuously check their transaction history until the transaction is successful. And they should contact the customer service as they will provide the right suggestion at that time.

Other stores where you can load your cash app card

You can also load your cash app card at stores like Walgreen, CVS Pharmacy, Rite-aid, 7-Eleven, Walmart, Family Dollar, etc. The cash loading fees may vary from store to store. The procedure of loading a cash app card is almost the same at every store.

You can also visit these stores to load your cash app card.

If you do not wish to visit stores to load your cash app card, then you can load it online, or you can take the help of your friend.

You can add money to your cash app card through bank transfer. When you add cash through a bank transfer, the amount you want to add will be deducted from your bank account. This can be done through the cash app in a few easy steps.

If your bank account is still not linked to your cash app, then you can make money from your friends and pay them the cash.


Yes, you can load your cash card at the dollar general. Dollar General also accepts payment from the cash app or cash app card. Stores including Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS pharmacy, 7-eleven, etc. also load the cash app card and accept payments through it. There are two more ways of loading the cash app card. One must have a linked bank account to load a cash app card, and the stores charge a fee to load money into the user’s cash app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is it possible to load a cash app card at Dollar General?

Yes, almost all dollar general stores load the money into a customer’s cash app card.

Q.2: Is it possible to use a cash app card for payments at Dollar General?

Yes, it is possible to use a cash app card for paying at Dollar General.

Q.3: Will I get my money if it shows the transaction failed while loading money into my cash app card?

Yes, the money for failed transactions is returned to the customer’s bank account within 1-3 days.

Can I load my cash app card at dollar general?

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