Doordash Customer Service

Doordash Customer Service

With the coming of the pandemic, we all saw a rapid growth of the e-market. This was due to the skeptical thoughts we all had inside our heads that stopped us from stepping outside during the pandemic. In order to survive, we made use of the internet and had things delivered to us, and now the result is in front of us. In this we will see about Doordash Customer Service.

Many companies began their journeys of door-to-door delivery services during the pandemic. And many already existing companies made extreme profits. Among the many companies working in the delivery services in the United States was “DoorDash”. In fact, doordash, along with two other platforms,  is considered to be one of the top three food delivery services in the United States, alone.

What Is Doordash?

A food delivery platform, Doordash, was founded in 2013 and is currently operating in the United States, San Francisco, and California. The company collaborates with the local grocery stores and supermarkets of the neighborhoods and delivers the items to the customers. 

As mentioned above, being one of the top three delivery services operating in the United States, Doordash accounts for 80% of the “courier and messenger sector’s” revenue, along with GrubHub and UberEats (other food delivery services in the United States). In addition, according to a report, doordash was able to make a good profit because of the pandemic. Doordash is also expecting the order value of the year 2021 to be around $39 billion to $40.5 billion. 

Adding to the success of the company, majorly due to the successful deliveries, was the customer-friendly nature of the company. And a big role at that plays the customer services provided by the company.  

Customer Service At Doordash

Doordash like any other platform working in the servings of its customers provides customer services to ease the trouble of its customers/possible customers. 

Such services are also important for the company itself as they make the customers stay with the company/platform for a long time. An article stated, “customer services help in retaining customers and extracting more values from them”.

Customer services are majorly provided through a helpline number, or in person when the customer visits the company. However, unlike other companies and services, Doordash offers customer services by making use of the internet too, such as online chatting, and email services.

Customer Services In-Person

A very common way of seeking customer services, or the providence of it comes in person. Almost every platform in the world sets up a “help center” within the organization that provides detailed customer services to the customers. 

Similarly, DoorDash too provides customer services to its customers who visit them. Any customer can visit the nearest DoorDash office or headquarters in case they have queries, or if they prefer in-person detailing rather than the online means, or maybe it was on their way home so they visited it, just like that. 

However, the downside of this means is that doordash offices are not available at every location. Hence, only lucky customers get to make benefit from this service. 

Customer Services Through Phones

Similar to every service provided to customers, DoorDash too provides customer services to its customers through phone calls. 

The official website of the company presents the helpline number that operates 24 hours, all-around week. Just by calling the helpline number, the customer can get their queries and doubts solved. 

Seeking customer services through call appears as the best option when one needs to know about their deliveries’ status. 

However, sometimes due to heavy traffic of calls, the company temporarily suspends their services through phone. 

 Customer Services Through Email

Customer services at doordash can also be sought through email. The official email of the company is kept open for the customers, dashers, and restaurants/merchants. 

Moreover, the official site of the company also offers a “drive support” email in case there is an issue with an order or delivery.

However, getting answers through emails may take a little more time than expected. 

Customer Services Through Online Chatting

Apart from the very basic customer services provided by every platform, DoorDash seems to have upgraded its game. DoorDash gives its customers the benefit of contacting them through “online chatting”. 

In the DoorDash application itself, an option of “help” is presented at the top right corner. After choosing that, one needs to select the “something else” option and lastly, “start chat”.

Following these steps offers the customers a private space where they can put their queries and questions to the company, and these are solved or answered by the customer service provider, or what they call the “support agent”. 


To brief it up, Doordash provides customer services mainly through four means, these are, in-person, through phone calls, using the internet by email, and online chatting. Much of these are limited services such as the doordash offices are not located everywhere, phone calls can be suspended whenever there is a busy schedule, and emails may take a long time to reply. These are a few reasons why online chatting is preferred by many customers. 

Anyway, with several ways of providing assistance to its customers, DoorDash succeeded in its delivery of customer services, along with tasty and warm food.

Doordash Customer Service

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