How Much 2 Cycle Oil Do I Mix with a Gallon of Gas?

How Much 2 Cycle Oil Do I Mix with a Gallon of Gas?

2 stroke engines are the 2 cycles that are most commonly seen in small engines like weed trimmers, outboard engines, leaf blowers, and many others. How much 2 cycle oil should be mixed in a gallon of gasoline is one of the most common queries that people have. It can be seen majorly in equipment that have a single port for both the cycles, in this you have to make sure that a proper ratio of oil and gasoline is added, so that it functions properly, thus giving you the best efficiency. To know about the topic ‘How Much 2 Cycle Oil Do I Mix with a Gallon of Gas?’ read the article till the end.

How Much 2 Cycle Oil Do I Mix with a Gallon of Gas?

For working at its best efficiency, an appropriate amount of oil gasoline mixture is required for all the equipment. Some of the major ratios that are used are 50:1, 40:1, and 32:1. For preparing these ratios the number of fluid ounces required per gallon of gas is 2.6, 3.2, and 4 respectively. 

The Correct Ratio For 2 Cycle Oil To Mix With A Gallon Of Gas

If you are new to this then you should know what is the correct ratio that should be added. Many times the correct ratio is mentioned on the manual of each piece of equipment. This is to make sure there is no trouble for the users trying to find the correct ratio. The same can also be obtained from the engine label. But if you are facing trouble in finding the correct ratio by the above-mentioned way a few things that can be kept in mind are as follows:

  • It is generally observed that all the equipment that are manufactured before 2003, generally requires a ratio of 32:1, where the former is the amount of gasoline and the latter is the amount of oil required.
  • Now, for the equipment that is made after 2002, it was observed that majorly two ratios are used. They are 40:1 or 50:1. All equipment needs different ratios. 
  • Outboard ratios generally used 50:1

How can you create an oil mix?

Now that you know the appropriate ratio that should be added to your equipment, let us discuss how to create one.

  • Take a clean gas can and pour the correct amount of 2 stroke oil in it.
  • Add the appropriate amount of gasoline required. 
  • To mix the gasoline and oil properly, stir or shake the can properly.
  • If you have prepared a large mixture, then make sure to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent it from getting worse. Adding the stabilizer will increase the shelf life of the mixture.
  • If you cannot find a stabilizer then make sure to use the mixture within 30 days.
  • A proper mixture needs to be calculated properly, you can use one given below:
  1. If you have to prepare a mixture of 50:1 ratio then 2.6 fluid ounces of oil is used for each gallon of gas.
  2. If the ratio is 40:1, then the required amount of oil is 3.2 fluid ounces per gallon of gas.
  3. For the ratio of 32:1, you have to use 4 fluid ounces per gallon.

Measures that should be taken

As the formation of this mixture can be dangerous at times therefore to avoid them you should go through these warnings:

  • Automobiles motors that use noncombustible additives should be avoided. Prefer 2 cycle engine oil over any other.
  • Gasoline that contains more than 10% of ethanol should not be used. The reason behind it is that it can attract moisture that can break down gasoline and therefore can harm your engine.
  • Never mix or choose any ratio, always go through the correct amount of ratio. All the engines require specific lubrication for functioning.
  • Always make sure that you prepare the mixture in a separate clean container and then add it to the engine. Never directly prepare the mixture in the engine.


I hope after reading this article about how much 2 cycle oil I mix with a gallon of gas, you get the best insight possible on the topic. You must have understood how a proper mixture of gasoline and oil is required for its functioning. After reading this article I am sure you will be able to pick the proper ratio for all your equipment. It will help your equipment to function properly. 


  1. What is the best oil that should be used for a 2 stroke engine?

 Ans: Amsoil synthetic oil and Pennzoil. The ratio for these are 100:1 and 50:1 respectively

  1. What is a 2 cycle gas mix?

Ans: It is the appropriate amount of gasoline and oil that is used by the equipment. For better insight go through this article. It has the ratio of major 2 cycle gas mix used in equipment.

  1. How can we calculate the correct ratio?

Ans: The correct ratio is generally given in the manual. You can also take help from the ratios given in the article.

How Much 2 Cycle Oil Do I Mix with a Gallon of Gas?

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