Kroger Vs H-E-B- Know More

Kroger Vs Heb

Kroger Vs H-E-B

Kroger and H-E-B are the top most supermarkets and retail companies established in the United States. These two companies compete with the top leaders such as Walmart, Aldi, and Target, the United States-based retail stores. Based on market capitalization, both the companies perform well, as it touches 30.4 billion dollars and 23 billion dollars, respectively.  Here we will see the topic Kroger Vs H-E-B.

Although it is much older than Kroger, H-E-B gives perfect competition to Kroger, as H-E-B has been in the market since 1905, whereas Kroger started its business in 1883. Both the companies are equally preferred by the customers, based on their experience and various parameters, including customer satisfaction, customer experience, location, and revenue generated.

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Not only the retail stores, both the companies also have many subsidiaries in a different segment. Though they are in the same segment, the mission and vision of the companies are different, which makes it perfect for comparing two similar yet different strategies and factors. 


Kroger is a public company, which is traded in NYSE as ticker KR. It is one of the topmost retail industries, which was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Kroger is based in the United States and operates only in the states. There are generally 2800 stores in the United States itself, and the few stores are in different names and branding. Kroger hasn’t confirmed the overseas operations but is working on it to perfect competition in the market. Retail stores and Kroger also operate food processing facilities, fuel centers, clinics, and pharmacies.


H-E-B, an alternative to Kroger, is also a supermarket, that deals in grocery retails. The company is not public and not listed on NYSE. The company was founded in 1905 by Florence Butt. Similar to Kroger, H-E-B is also dedicated to the customer base of the United States. Having so many stores, Kroger is one of the crucial competitors of H-E-B.

Parameters of Comparisons– Kroger Vs H-E-B

Various parameters can be considered to evaluate the differences and similarities between any two companies. A few of the parameters are Quality, Price, Variety, Concerning employees, and many more.


Quality is the only parameter, which customers can never neglect. The product’s high prices are paid because the customers can get one of the best quality products. There are many segments of the products, such as Cosmetics, Drugs, Food, and Beverages. It was found that the quality of the products in the segment was much higher at H-E-B. Many products in Kroger opted for replacement by the customers.


The quality is sold at which price also matters among the customers as well as the stores. The customers are eager to purchase the best quality product at the lowest price, for that the stores need to manage the prices as well. If similar products such as Beverages, Dairy products, Personal care, and many more are compared based on the price at both the stores, Kroger will be termed cheaper than H-E-B. At the same time, there are various products that H-E-B also sells at cheaper rates, but that is very few.


The third factor which customers feel is essential is the option that they can choose from. The varieties of the product in the same segment are also important. Kroger has many stores and more penetration in the United States market and its customers, so it also has various products.

Number of Stores

The more the number of stores, the more customers will be able to use the facilities. Kroger has around 2800 stores in 35 states of the United States. In contrast, H-E-B has only 340 stores and can penetrate significantly less in the United States market, giving perfect competition to Kroger.

Salaries Offered

To run a company, various positions handle every operation of the company smoothly. In the company, a cashier, Stocker, and manager are required. The salary that the company offer is also a parameter to judge the company. In general, H-E-B, as well as Kroger both, pay decent salaries to their employees.


The revenue indicates how successful the company is established as well as how the company is growing. Kroger and H-E-B can both be compared based on revenue as well. Kroger’s revenue is around 121.1 billion dollars, whereas the revenue for H-E-B is 31 billion dollars.


Kroger and H-E-B are famous retail stores established in the United States. They are compared on various parameters, which indicates that Kroger was better than H-E-B at some parameters, whereas, at some, H-E-B was better. Kroger, having a large number of stores, is way ahead of H-E-B in many terms.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which is expensive, Kroger or H-E-B?

Kroger and H-E-B both have various items in their stores, some products were expensive at Kroger, and some were expensive at H-E-B.

  1. Kroger and H-E-B compete with which companies?

Both the companies compete with global giants such as Walmart, Aldi, and many more.

Kroger Vs H-E-B- Know More

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