Stanley Steemer Vs Oxi Fresh

Stanley Steemer vs Oxi Fresh

Stanley Steemer and Oxi Fresh, both are carpet cleaning companies how-so-ever, a bit different from each other. That difference only has made us compare today the pros and cons of each.  See Stanley Steemer Vs Oxi Fresh.

Facts About Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is an American Company that was founded in 1947 and has been headquartered in Ohio, United States of America, ever since. It originated with the idea of providing carpet cleaning services to families. However, it has been able to grow its business with the addition of several other cleaning services such as Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning. 

Due to its good quality cleaning services and efficient customer help, it has become popular over the years and has expanded across 45+ states. The company had begun its voyage at a low scale by aiming at households and dedicated their expertise to it for years. Nevertheless, with the expansion along with the growing technological developments, the company has been able to provide good quality services at larger scales such as offices and workplaces.

This also benefited Stanley Steemer as they gained a larger audience to provide services to. With time, different sorts of attributes were also given a place among the services such as Water Damage Restoration and the trade of cleaning products both for house and office use. These products meant a great deal for the people who couldn’t afford to hire the cleaning experts as they now could clean their house and workstations at a cheaper rate yet of almost the same quality. 

The modern generation believes in being an independent individual. Most of the time is spent working and earning after which maintenance becomes tedious. The phrase “time is money” comes into play and thus, Stanley Steemer has been a respected need and want for people. 

Facts About Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh is also an American Carpet Cleaning Company that was founded in 2006 in Denver, Colorado, United States of America. It came up with the idea of providing eco-friendly cleaning services. In a short span, the company boomed with success and popularity with a consistent increase in the ratings of its happy and satisfied customers. By 2019, it had expanded up to 200+ franchise locations with 1M+ successful cleanings. Ever since it has been seen among the top companies in the industry.

The company is fully capable of providing all sorts of cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, etc. at both small scale and large scale levels. The large scale levels are termed “Commercial Cleaning” while the small scale one is labelled as “Residential Cleaning”. Oxi Fresh claims to provide safe cleaning services because of its eco-friendly oxygenated cleaning technique which leaves no residue and dries within one hour. This makes them safe and quick which becomes an even more convenient option for a family with kids or pets or both. 

Keeping up with the modern technology and day-to-day requirements of people, Oxi Fresh also launched their cleaning products.  

In Comparision Between The Two

Stanley Steemer, being an older institution, would probably have been a popular help for families in its originating era. With years passing by, the company has maintained its quality work and therefore, its reputation as well. It is still known for its work and promising customer service.

On the other hand, Oxi Fresh being a newer cleaning company is renowned for its safer and eco-friendly services especially because of the growing imbalance in nature. Saving the environment is the need of the hour, thus Oxi Fresh seems to be the better alternative to the same requirement. With growing advancements, such services are now somewhat like a necessity in every household and thus, cleaning services and products by Oxi Fresh sound to be a better solution. 


Stanley Steemer and Oxi Fresh both provide similar services, both being cleaning companies. Yet, Oxi Fresh has the added advantage of being safe for the environment. Nonetheless, Stanley Steemer is still renowned and popular among its customers for its quality and years of experience. 


Q1. Which of the two is better?

Ans. Both are equally good. Although, Oxi Fresh is a safer option in terms of the environment. 

Q2. Is there an option to experience the after-cleaning treatment without actually hiring the services?

Ans. Yes, both Stanley Steemer and Oxi Fresh provide a range of products that can be used in homes and offices for cleaning purposes without the supervision of a cleaning expert. 

Q3. What added advantage does Stanley Steemer have as compared to Oxi Fresh?

Ans. Stanley Steemer has three added advantages as compared to Oxi Fresh. Those advantages are:-

  1. Its experience and trust with generations of customers.
  2. Its maintenance of the quality of work ever since the beginning of the company
  3. Its water damage restoration service 
Stanley Steemer Vs Oxi Fresh

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