IKEA rugs: Types, Maintenance and Top Picks

“IKEA is designed for impulse purchases,” says Sara Skirboll about the Swedish multinational conglomerate, IKEA. Rugs silhouette the aura of the vicinity with an added sense of comfort. Their aesthetic beauty is a cherry on the top. If chosen wrong, rugs can turn the vibe dull and monotonous, hence it is important to choose them appropriately.

IKEA rugs

IKEA presents to its customers, well designed modern infrastructure. The series in their collections are elaborate and range from somber and sophisticated to colored and cheerful. These rugs are well suited for heavy traffic and absorb footsteps. Being plush and cozy they are well suited to adorn several areas including the living room, patio, dining area, bedroom, and bathroom. IKEA also has wall rugs to spruce up elementary walls. The bath mats are designed to not let moistness and dirt sully the floor.

Some of the rugs are also heat insulated to provide the user with a cozy feeling. As opposed to popular belief, rugs in IKEA are inexpensively elegant. They are cost-effective and top-notch in the market. IKEA sells both machine-woven and hand-made rugs. Uneven knots on the underside of the rug are an indicator of it being handmade. The rugs are non-toxic and eco-friendly as IKEA uses sustainable processes of production. IKEA rugs wear well and do not easily shed even when vacuumed periodically unless they are high pile rugs or made of very hairy materials. IKEA also sells underlays and anti-slip mats that give your hardwood, tiles, or laminate flooring adherence. 

Types of rugs in IKEA

Rugs vary greatly in terms of size, color, design, texture, area of usage, fabric, and shape. 

Size- Large, Medium, and small room rugs.

Shape-Rectangular, square, runners, round and irregular rugs.

Color- IKEA uses natural dyes and has a wide range of solid and assorted colors.

Design- Handmade, machine woven, oriental (Asian art), Persian.

Area of usage- Outdoors, wall, door, bathroom, living room, dining area, bedroom, and children’s play mats with patterns and pictures to amuse children.

Fabric- Wool, jute, cotton, linen, cowhide, and sheepskin. Texture- High pile or shag rugs, low pile rugs, flatwoven and hand-knotted rugs.

Prerequisites to buying a rug

· It is advisable to measure the carpet area before buying the rug.

· Be mindful of the color scheme you want. The color of the rug should complement the color pallet of the room and the floor.

· Be conscious of types of pets, if any.


Smelly rugs are inevitable if not cleaned. The age of the rugs usually spans between 5- 15 years. Poor maintenance can lead to a musty and dirty rug. IKEA rugs are washable. Some rugs can be washed in machines or hand scrubbed too. Rugs can be vacuumed and occasionally professional cleaning is recommended. For distinct washing instructions, visit IKEA.com.

Highly rated top picks in IKEA





KOLDBY cowhide rug




IKEA is the business legacy of Ingvar Kamprad. The blue and yellow logo-bearing store is the torchbearer of quality of life-improving furniture. IKEA manufactures eco-friendly, ready to be assembled products that are flat-packed to preserve the environment. IKEA also provides customers an option of having a professional measure the room to help in the planning. This service can be availed by contacting the workers in the store. IKEA also now provides delivery right at your doorstep. Joining IKEA Family, the loyalty program is an excellent way to save money. Being free, it offers the members exclusive promotions and discounts. It also entitles the member to free coffee and tea at the IKEA restaurant. IKEA and UNICEF celebrate a tightknit partnership over years and the IKEA leaves no stone unturned in flooring its customers with their relaxing and comfortable rugs.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ) 

1. Does IKEA have an app?

Ans: Yes, IKEA has an app called IKEA Place which is available on Apple devices updated to IOS11 and all ARcore compatible android devices.

2. What are the other facilities available in IKEA?

Ans: IKEA offers café and Smaland facilities. The café provides a quick pick-me-up food service. Smaland is a childcare area where a special play area is set up for kids. Its services are free for an hour. It also requires the child’s height to be between 95cm and 135cm. It is a safe space and parents are suggested to check out the ground rules on the IKEA website.

3. What is the ‘As-is’ section?

Ans: The As-is section is located in the warehouse and provides the biggest discounts. It stocks up the items others have returned, discarded products, or those with negligible impairment. These products might be built priorly, hence there will be no need for any assembling.

IKEA rugs: Types, Maintenance and Top Picks

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