What time do they stop selling Powerball tickets in California?

The deadline to buy Power ball tickets varies from state to state. There are around 44 states in which these PowerBall tickets sell. One can get a rough idea by looking at the online sites of different places for buying lottery tickets.

For example, In Arizona, The off time to buy the ticket is 6: 59 PM, 8: 59 PM. On the day of the ticket sale, all the retailers offer tickets and, people buy them before it closes. In California, it is 7: 00 PM. Other times of respective places are here. (https://money.com/powerball-jackpot-750-million-buy-tickets/)

What time do they stop selling Powerball tickets in California?

What are the criteria for PowerBall in California?

In California, ticket sales close at 7: 00 PM. And the ticket drawing days are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. According to the stats of Powerball, there are more than 60 thousand tickets winnings in California.  

The detailed results of the draw are available both online and offline and published on the official site. The prize amount of the Powerball ticket draws varies every time. It depends on mainly two factors. One is the sale of tickets, and the Second is the fixed prices shown on the official site.

How to check the results & what happens after that?

The page is updated every second with the recent information. After the draw, the prize is given to the winners. The winning records are well maintained and accurately correct.

All the draws are regulated and, the laws are strictly followed. Every lottery retailer has information about the fair game and instructions on How to play it.

How late can one buy Powerball tickets in California?

As mentioned earlier, 7: 59 PM is the last minute. And after that, no one is allowed to buy the ticket. So if you want the ticket, contact the retailer before that. The rule is quite strict and afterward, no sale and purchase are allowed.

And after this, only those who can get the tickets are eligible for the lottery, and the other people are not allowed. Hence, they remain without the ticket. And are not able to participate in the lottery. And exactly after one hour the closing time the draw is announced at 8: 00 PM. 

How to win the Powerball lottery?

It is very much associated with luck in California and, they have published a list in which all the lucky stores are mentioned. As they have paid a huge amount to their lottery winners. 

Many people test their luck in such a limited time. The lottery price is around 1.5 billion dollars for the fight exist. And for this, it becomes necessary, to purchase the lottery before 7: 00 PM. And find the retailer who sells lottery in California.

As the time comes closer, the ticket sales stop. And everyone who remains without a ticket is not eligible to participate in the lottery.

  • The chances of winning are less, one in 2 billion. As per the official rules listed on the Powerball site, to win a lottery, all five balls must match along with one red ball. 
  • If the red ball matches then someone wins a lottery. The probability to win the lottery in the game is one in twenty-five.

California Powerball Lottery

California Powerball Lottery is one of the largest lotteries in the world. Billions of dollars are offered as the cash price in the lottery. The game ensures that no one person wins the entire lottery and the price money.

The scope of this lottery is to win about 1.4 billion dollars in a single shot. On the nights of drawing the lottery, it is allowed to buy the tickets till 10 pm.

The drawing at Powerball occurs at 10. 59 pm but before that all the drawings and winning data are collected from all the centers.

How late can someone buy a Powerball ticket?

It is about 10.59 the last ticket is drawn. Before that everything is done and completed. All data is collected and winners are announced. The drawing of the ticket is done on two days that is Wednesday and Friday. 

The sale of tickets is closed 59 minutes before the draw. For example, the drawing time is 7.59 pm and the sales cut-off time will be 7 pm.

How to play Powerball in California?

Step 1 A play slip is required which should be of Powerball. And they are generally available in the lottery stores. Since there are around 22 thousand lottery retail stores in California.

Step 2 Choose any five numbers of your choice. Along with one Powerball number, which is the lucky number. These should be between one to sixty-nine. The Powerball number will be from one to twenty-six.

Step 3 Buying the ticket, pay the dollar for each play, and get your Powerball ticket at every chance. 

Step 4 Crocsscheck the final score with the lottery score. Congratulations if you win.


The Powerball tickets in California are allowed to be sold till 7.59 pm. After that, the drawing of the ticket is done, and no sale or purchase of tickets happens. The days on which the ticket is drawn are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is the deadline to purchase the tickets for Powerball?

Ans. The cutoff time varies from place to place. One needs to check the time through the nearby stores. In many places, it ends up at the usual time but in some cases, the time may expand on the drawing day.

Q.2) Are Powerball tickets available online?

Ans. Although they are available online in some places but not in many places. Also, the price is not offered on the tickets purchased online. Certain issues occur while delivering the price through online tickets. Hence, it is better to consult the nearby store and know how they are selling tickets and will provide the price money if tickets are purchased online.

Q.3) To play Powerball do we need to be a U.S. citizens?

Ans. It is not at all required or necessary. Anyone from anywhere can buy tickets and play Powerball. If the tickets are not available at any place then people can buy them from somewhere else and play. The retailer from whom you are buying should be authorized and not sell duplicates or fraud tickets. Just check the license of the retailer before buying.

Q.4) At what time Megamillions are drawn?

Ans. It is drawn at 11:00 p.m. at the night. After the power ball ticket is drawn. Megamillions are drawn on two days is Tuesday and Friday.

What time do they stop selling Powerball tickets in California?

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