Does amazon sell cigarettes cigars and tobacco products?

Amazon is the major online shopping company in the USA. It sells all the major daily used products like groceries, clothing, electronics, etc. But does it also sell cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco? 

Amazon does not sell cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, or related products. While few firms sell tobacco and cigars online, amazon does not sell any such product. This is because of the risk involved in selling such a product. Whereas it sells smoking accessories like cigarette rollers, papers, tobacco pipes, etc. Other than this Amazon also sells tobacco and hookah accessories on its platform.

Does amazon sell cigarettes cigars and tobacco products?

Does amazon not sell any tobacco and cigar products?

No, Amazon does not sell any kind of tobacco, cigar, cigarette, or related products. It does not even sell e-cigarettes. Amazon does not sell such products because of liability reasons. 

Online websites become a very good option for buying tobacco products for minors via online platforms. It is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors. But in online shopping, it has become easier for minors to buy such products. Therefore to keep itself protected from any legal action, the company decided not to sell cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco via its app. 

Amazon sells accessories related to tobacco and cigars 

While Amazon does not sell tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes, it sold related accessories. You can buy the accessories for using tobacco and cigars at very affordable prices from amazon. This category includes products like – rolling trays, ashtrays, cigarette papers and rollers, tobacco pipes, etc. Hookah products are also available on amazon. 

Is it legal to sell tobacco and cigars online? 

According to laws, it is legal to sell tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, liquors, and related products online. But the digital shopping companies could sell the products only to customers above the age of 21. Therefore companies have to verify the age proof of customers. Many times because of the online availability of tobacco products, minors easily bought them. Therefore strict age verification is very important. Because of these rule, major digital shopping companies like amazon doesn’t sell tobacco and cigars. 

Why does Amazon not sell cigars and tobacco? 

While it is legal to sell tobacco and cigars online. But only customers who are above the age of 21 are allowed to buy such products online. This increases the responsibility of the company selling the product to check the background of the buyer. Any flaws in taking and delivering the order of such products will cost high to the company. Therefore, amazon does not prefer keeping it on the platform. 

Other products amazon doesn’t sell

Other than tobacco products, there are some more products that amazon does not sell. This is because digital shopping is not an appropriate platform for selling such products and the risk involved in selling. 

Following are the few major products amazon does not sell – 


Taking online orders and delivering guns is a very risky process. There are guidelines and permissions required for this business. Therefore amazon does not sell guns in the US. 


Amazon does not sell alcohol to its customers. Selling alcohol requires age confirmation of the customer. The age of the buyer should be more than 21 to buy any kind of alcohol. The reason for not selling liquor is the same as not selling tobacco. 

Recently Amazon has started selling wines to some pre-approved sellers. Other than that, the company does not directly sell the products. 

Lottery tickets

Lottery tickets are one more item that amazon does not allow selling on its platform. It has banned the sale of lottery tickets over the platform. 

Real estate

Buying and selling real estate properties involve lots of formalities, permissions, and paperwork. Digital shopping is not a very appropriate option for such a business. Although many websites are dealing in real estate, for a company like an amazon it is not virtually possible.


Delivering pets to your homes does not seem like the job of an online shopping company. Amazon has no such availability nor is it thinking about it. 

Other than these products, Amazon does not sell automobiles, fuel, and second-hand products on its platform. 


Amazon deals in almost all the products of human interest. But due to the risk involved, it does not sell tobacco, cigar, and cigarette products. Whereas it is now legal to sell tobacco products online, amazon does not want to sell the products. You can buy accessories related to cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco from amazon at a very good price. 

  1. From where one can buy tobacco products online? 

Answer: As it is legal to sell tobacco and cigar products online, there are several sites from where you can buy such products. and Buy Pipe Tobacco are some famous websites. 

  1. Does Flipkart sell tobacco and cigars online? 

Answer: No, like amazon Flipkart also does not sell tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and related products online.

Does amazon sell cigarettes cigars and tobacco products?

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