Does Target have wifi?

Various chains provide access to free Wi-Fi to their buyers in the store. Does one of the famous departmental stores Target provide this service to its customers? 

As of 2021 target provides free Wi-Fi to buyers in its stores. This service is available at 1,900 stores in the US. To access the free Wi-Fi of target, one needs to activate the Wi-Fi settings in their android or iOS phone. After activating the Wi-Fi choose Target’s network and start your online operations at the store.

Does Target have wifi?

Does Target give access to free Wi-Fi? 

Target is a US-based retail corporation. There are hundreds of customers who visit Target stores daily. Like many other famous stores and institutions, Target also provides free Wi-Fi access in their stores. This free network could be accessed in and around the store. As of 2021, in 1,900 locations access to free Wi-Fi for customers is available. 

Unlike many other stores, Target’s Wi-Fi service doesn’t come with a condition to use only for their app. You can use the free network to access Target digit apps, make digital payments, send emails, use social sites, browse, etc. The free wireless network could be accessed on any handset. You can connect to Target’s Wi-Fi network through your android or iOS mobile, digital watch, and tablets. 

How to access Wi-Fi at the target store?

You can connect your handset to Target’s free Wi-Fi in or around the store. To connect your system, firstly activate the Wi-Fi of your device from the settings. Then from the list of networks choose – “Target Guest” network. Target’s Wi-Fi is not locked so you can access it without a password. 

To start accessing the Wi-Fi, you mandatorily need to accept the terms and conditions that appear on your screen. Additionally, to connect with the Wi-Fi you have to provide your email address or the network will automatically take it. 

The Wi-Fi marketing strategy 

You may wonder why companies and stores give access to free Wi-Fi. Well, this is a marketing strategy companies use to attract more customers and connect their buyers. 

Many buyers prefer stores that provide free Wi-Fi. With free Wi-Fi, customers can surf the app of the store, make payments, compare prices, and even do their work. Buyers even roam around stores to get access to their Wi-Fi network. 

Like many other companies, Target also uses this behavior of customers as a marketing strategy. By connecting with the Wi-Fi network of Target, you provide them with your email address. Additionally, the network is not encrypted, so the third party could track your online activities. Now Target uses this information to customize your online experience.

Companies send details of products and offer to you via email. They send you messages, give you ads after tracking your online behavior. This is a very powerful way of advertising. Many companies in the USA use this marketing strategy. 

Other stores that provide free Wi-Fi

Target is not the only store or company that provides free Wi-Fi. Many companies in the market use this marketing tactic to attract consumers. Following are the chains of major stores or places in the US where you can have access to free Wi-Fi – 

  • Starbucks Wi-Fi runs at a speed of 51 Mbps. It provides the fastest Wi-Fi at any store in the whole USA. 
  • Taco Bell started providing free Wi-Fi in 2011. Its speed is also good – 14.29 Mbps. 
  • Subway provides Wi-Fi with around 5 Mbps speed. This is not the perfect speed but could be considered good.
  • McDonald’s Wi-Fi speed is more than 4 Mbps. It is quite lower than the above-mentioned stores but very high than many other Wi-Fi providing stores. 
  • Burger King, Coffee Bean, Best Buy, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc. are some other places where you can have access to Wi-Fi. Whereas its speed is very low. 


Like many other companies in the USA, Target also gives access to free Wi-Fi. One can access the free wireless network in or around the store. To get access to free Wi-Fi, you need to connect with the ‘Target Guest’ network. After getting the connection you can use the network for online surfing, making cashless payments, using the Target app, etc. 


  1. Does Target provide free Wi-Fi to everybody? 

Answer: Yes, Target provides access to free Wi-Fi to everybody in OR around the store. Whereas it can also ban any user who does any unlawful activity or breaks any rule by using the free network.

  1. Is it safe to use free Wi-Fi at stores? 

Answer: While using free Wi-Fi, you have to accept the terms and conditions of service providers. Normally, these service providers ask your email id to run their advertisement campaign. Additionally, they track your activities to personalize your internet experience. This is possible because their networks are not encrypted. Therefore free Wi-Fi should be used with care.

Does Target have wifi?

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