Does Kroger Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet cleaners cost a lot, and it is not feasible for homeowners to buy expensive carpet cleaners just for a few uses. A smart solution to this would be renting out carpet cleaners from service providers at a minimal cost. A lot of you might wonder where you could rent the carpet cleaner from? Well, one solution to all your problems is Kroger. Let’s see the today’s topic ‘Does Kroger Rent Carpet Cleaners?’.

Does Kroger Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Kroger is one of the largest retail stores in America, and it provides its customers with all the necessary services to make their daily experiences easy as well as affordable. Kroger does provide Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for rent to all the customers at a minimal price of $39.99. 

Let us understand more about Krogers rental service and the cost associated with it. 

Does Kroger rent carpet cleaners?

Yes, Kroger rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners at all its stores across America. It does not provide any other brand of carpet cleaners and also does not rent steam carpet cleaners or other types of cleaners. The store allows the customers to rent the cleaners for 48 hours. Customers can also receive additional services and benefits along with the carpet cleaners according to their requirements and needs.  

Let us look at the additional services in the subsequent sections.  

Charge of renting a carpet cleaner at Krogers

Kroger charges an average of $29.9 to $34.9 for renting Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. The cost varies according to the hours of renting services. The $29.9 is the minimum charge for 24 hours, while the cost for 48 hours can be up to $34.9. 

When you rent the services Kroger stores charge you a deposit amount of $35, which is provided to you after the machine is returned at the dedicated time. Some Kroger stores do not charge $35, rather they take the entire rental fee with an additional fee on the renting day. The additional fee is returned after the machine is returned to the store. 

If you return the machine later than the dedicated return, then you would be levied a small late charge depending upon the hours the machine is late to the store. The charges levied are not fixed by any stores and different store locations can ask for different amounts depending on the store’s policy. Some stores would not even charge the fee depending on the severity of the return.  

To understand the different ways a store charges you can contact the nearest stores for the required details and understand the structure of the cost. 

Additional cleaning services

Along with carpet cleaners, Kroger also provides several additional cleaning services to make the cleaning experience easier for homeowners.  The services that are available in different Kroger locations are:

  • Spot cleaners, for cleaning tough stains on the carpet cleaners. 
  • Upholstery cleaner, and dry fans to clean several areas of the carpet and dry the furniture and carpets after proper cleaning. 
  • Hand tools and corner cleaners will help you to clean tough corners of the house.  
  • Kroger also provides cleaning solutions in case you need a professional to carry out the job. To avail of the cleaning solutions, you would be required to pay an additional fee of $9.99. Once you call for the services a professional service provider will visit the desired location with all the tools and Carey the cleaning service according to the requirement. 

Renting and returning policies

To rent the carpet cleaners you need to visit the nearest Kroger store and rent the cleaner from the customer service desk. The customer service desk will mark the details of your rental period and collect the designated amount. You will be required to provide an ID at the customer desk before renting the service.  

To return the carpet cleaner, you can again attain the customer desk with the cleaner and the renting ID and date. At this location, you would be required to pay for the rental service. If you provided an initial deposit amount, the store returns the amount to you at this location.  

All the Kroger stores allow customers to rent the cleaner, though the services and availability of the machine can change depending upon different store locations. 


Kroger rents the customers with Rug Doctor carpet cleaners at a minimal fee of $29.9 to $34.9 for 24 hours to 48 hours. The store also provides several cleaning services apart from renting cleaning services, this includes cleaning services, hand tools, spot cleaners, and so much more. Each additional service will be levied with some additional cost according to the store’s policy.  

The return policy of the machine is also very easy and customers can return the machine at the customer desk. Some stores also levy deposits and late charges. To understand more about the services you can connect with the nearest Kroger store and get the required information. 

Does Kroger Rent Carpet Cleaners?

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