Home Depot Owning Ryobi: Myth or Truth

Home Depot Owning Ryobi

Home Depot is a home improving company headquartered in Cobb County, Georgia. The company provides product options for remodeling kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. From vases, sculptures, and rugs to faucets, sinks, mattresses and more, home depot has got you covered for all things home. The go to place to shop for home decor, flooring, patio furniture, power tools and even bbq grills was founded in 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ken Langone, and Pat Farrah. Let’s discuss the title ‘Home Depot Owning Ryobi: Myth or Truth’.

Does Home Depot own Ryobi? 

No, it doesn’t. Ryobi is owned by Techtronic Industries (TTI), a manufacturing company which is based in Hong Kong. Ryobi products are sold exclusively in Home Depot stores in America. However, though Ryobi tools are not stocked by Home Depot’s competitor Lowe, they can be found on other online websites like Amazon as well. .

Here is more about Ryobi;

Ryobi tools and user preference

Ryobi tools are affordable products with a high quality but are said to have less features than its sister Milwaukee. Milwaukee and Ryobi are both owned by Techtronic Industries but the former is said to have more features and a higher price tag. 

Milwaukee is considered ideal for professional use while Ryobi is for DIY-ers and homeowners who might not require the extra features. Ryobi sells Jigsaws, circular saws, drills, etc. A single Ryobi battery can power multiple power tools as well.

Does Home Depot own RIDGID?

No, though RIDGID is one of Home Depot’s flagship brands, it is not owned by Home Depot. However, the power tool brand RIDGID is sold exclusively only at Home Depot and through the RIDGID website. RIDGID tools are made by TTI as well. 

Are RIDGID and Ryobi the same company?

RIDGID and Ryobi are two different companies. Both tools are made by TTI, but RIDGID tools are owned by Emerson Electric, which is an American company. RIDGID makes tools like saws, grinders, drills, impact wrenches, etc.

What are some of Home Depot’s home brands?

Home Depot happens to sell products owned by it. Some of which include;

  • HDX
  • Husky
  • Work force


HDX storage containers, garage shelves and cabinets, utility carts, storage totes, etc. can be found at Home Depot. Rather than power tools HDX is more connected to providing organizing and storage products. 


Husky is a home brand of Home Depot and is sold exclusively by the same. Husky sells pneumatic tools and hand tools along with tool storage products.

Work Force

Workforce sells air grease guns, air hoses, extension cords, etc.

Is Home Depot discontinuing Ryobi? 

Home Depot is not discontinuing Ryobi. Ryobi tools will be found in Home depot stores and online as well. Instead of Ryobi, Home Depot had dropped the power equipment brand Ego in 2020 which was later signed on by Lowe’s, a competitor to Home Depot. 

Home Depot V/s Lowe’s

Both the companies are home improvement giants that operate approximately 2000 stores. Home Depot has often been accused of falling behind in supply-chain efficiency as compared to its rival. Due to Home Depot, Lowe’s had to close down about 153 stores in the U.S and Canada by 2020. Underperforming stores in multiple other countries were shut down as well. Some same-store sales had reduced due to poor inventory management. 

Home Depot has invested in distribution management to improve supply-chain efficiency while Lowe’s has set up a new leadership which focuses more on sales improvement. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have strategies that though are not identical, are similar as they target similar customers. Ego, Kobalt, and Stainmasters are some of the brands owned exclusively by Lowe’s. Both giants also seem to aim for a target audience that is active online.


Ryobi and RIDGID are Home Depot’s flagship brands but are not owned by it. To buy Ryobi and RIDGID products one needs to get them through either Home Depot or the two companies’ respective sites. Even though both Ryobi and RIDGID power tools are made by TTI, RIDGID is owned by Emerson Electric.

Ryobi is a brand prefered mostly by DIY-ers and household users who do not require excessive features in their power tools. They are generally satisfied by a smaller range of features as the tools are not used as often or as professionally. The Milwaukee brand is generally preferred by professionals due to the extra features available in its tools. 

Home Depot Owning Ryobi: Myth or Truth

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