How Do I get USPS Moving Coupons?

In this article, we will see How Do I get USPS Moving Coupons?

How Do I get Usps Moving Coupons?

Company Overview

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government and is responsible for providing postal service in the United States. The US postal service is a government-operated corporation that offers a range of services, including standard and premium postage, some shipping services, some mail delivery, and pickup services, and some retail products. 

It’s one of the world’s largest employers. The USPS retail service is perfectly safe because they don’t sell anything themselves. They simply take orders from people who want to send things through the mail and they deliver them safely. Postal customers can choose their way of sending packages. There are three different ways: first-class, standard letters, and priority mail. There are also three ways to pay for delivery: money order, certified or cashier’s check.

Types Of USPS Moving Coupons

There are two types of moving coupons – bundle, and commercial. Bundle coupons include redemption dates and expiration dates, while commercial coupons do not.

  • Bundle coupon packets come with a USPS return address sticker providing information such as a street address, city, state, and ZIP code. Commercial coupon packages do not provide that documentation; as a result, it’s really up to you to make sure you’re using them correctly.
  • Commercial coupons are for local moves and are not valid for long-distance moves. Bundle coupons cover both local and long-distance moves within the United States.

All coupons are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no need to pre-register to get USPS moving coupons. You can go directly to the post office, or any authorized shipping provider and request your free moving coupon packets.

How Do I Get USPS Moving Coupons?

To obtain a bundle of coupons, simply fill out a Change of Address form at the post office. By going through the online Change of Address process, you may also find printed coupons.

Just select shipping options, fill out the form, and make sure you include your email address on the form. Then print out the coupon and bring it to your chosen mover to get a good deal with this coupon.

The best part is you can use as many coupons as you want by using them for more than one move. And, of course, you can also combine them with other coupons to save even more.

If you move by another means, like renting a truck or moving a van, you may be able to use these coupons as well. Just make sure you get the coupon from the post office before the move and then hold onto it until after your move has been made.

The discount will usually be 20% off of the regular price of either an in-town or local move (which generally makes up most moves). This discount will also apply for furniture preparation and packing services as well.

For international moves, in which shipments are delivered over long distances through global distribution networks, there is no set charge for shipping international packages.

Conditions under which coupons are accepted

  1. Items must be shipped or moved within the United States only.
  2. The item cannot be used to render taxable service in any state other than the state where you are purchasing the coupons.
  3. To be considered valid, the item must have a value of less than $50 and must fit into one box measuring no more than 108 inches in length and girth combined. 
  4. Boxes larger than 108 inches will not be accepted. If the package is larger than 108 inches, you may use only one $10.95 bundle coupon per parcel, but not for each piece of merchandise. The item must be shipped within the United States and transported to a point outside the United States by the USPS.
  5. The USPS alone will not ship or move items to any other country, including Canada and Mexico.
  6. The coupons may be purchased for use only once in 12 months, and each coupon must be used for a single shipment.
  7. The USPS will not accept coupons for articles that have been stolen, embezzled, lost, seized, or forfeited in any way to the United States government.
  8. The person presented with the coupons must represent the person sending the articles to move, with proof of identification (such as driver’s license).


The article above is all there is to know about Moving Coupons from USPS. 

If you’re moving in the near future, don’t forget to save money with a coupon from The USPS Movers Coupon is a deal for local relocation moves, which includes discounts on both packing materials and shipping costs. You can use this coupon for up to three residential moves or shipments, and you must schedule your move at least two weeks in advance. You can combine it with other discounts, but it cannot be used to stump up the entire fee.


1. What is the USPS Movers Coupon good for?

The coupon can be used to save money on moving services. The offer must be redeemed by December 31st of the same year to take advantage of it. You will automatically receive your coupon with your final move estimate or you can redeem it within the scope of your move if doing a pickup or delivery.

2. If I have multiple moves in my chosen area, which coupon am I able to use?

If you are eligible, all moves are included with the purchase of a 1-year subscription so long as they are completed during the period allowed by this particular promotion (a 12-month period where all moves in each region qualify).

3. How do I redeem my coupon?

If you have completed both of your moves before December 31st you will automatically have the USPS Movers Coupon on file with the option to redeem it while choosing your shipping method or during packing at no extra charge.

4. Is the coupon valid at postal offices?

No. It is valid in only United States post offices, not other ones.

How Do I get USPS Moving Coupons?

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