Lowe’s Bereavement Policy

Lowe’s is a retail company that has expertise in specializing in home improvement. It is an American company with its headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. Although most of the chains of the retail store are operated from the United States and Canada, it is one of the oldest public retail stores in North Carolina. 

Lowes Bereavement Policy

The company was founded on March 25 in the year 1921. At present, this firm is the world’s second-largest hardware retail store. The founder of this company was Lucious Smith Lowe. As the company is fully publicly traded, there are no majority shareholders. The company is also operated online through the official website of the company, thus increasing the sales of its hardware even to various distant places.

What Is Bereavement?

Bereavement refers to that state in the life of a person where they have recently lost the life of any of their loved ones or a relative or a close friend. 

Bereavement leave is a type of leave provided by the company or the firm when any of their employees have lost the life of a loved one. Bereavement leave is also called compassionate leave. In general, it comes under the category of a paid time-out. This is because most of the companies believe that the paid time off for the situation of bereavement gives their employees time to grieve and take part in the religious rituals as well as the funeral.

Lowe’s Bereavement Policy

A large part of the Lowe’s Companies Inc. employee benefits program deals with bereavement leave and policies. The Bereavement policy of Lowe’s company establishes uniform guidelines for all their employees in case of the death of any of employees’ close relatives or friends. The company calls this leave taken during bereavement the Lowe’s Home Improvement Bereavement Leave, which can extend up to three to five days. 

The employees and other people working in the company are entitled to take around three days of bereavement leave as per the policy framed by the company. Moreover, a person can take this leave when the employee or their close one has gone through miscarriage or stillbirth.  The Bereavement leave is available to both types of employees; for the people working part-time as well as the people doing work full time. 

Criteria For Bereavement Leave

Generally, the company has defined this type of leave as inevitable or emergency leave. The company has two main criteria for bereavement leave according to the company’s leave policy. These criteria are as follows-

  1. The Bereavement policy of the company has defined the close family members as the worker’s spouse, legal guardian, domestic partner, mother or father, sister, brother, son or daughter, maternal as well paternal grandparents, maternal as well as paternal uncles and aunts, nephews and niece and also their close friends. 
  2. In general, the company offers a three-day paid leave to their employees if the family member or the friend of the employee passes away. Although, in some special cases, this bereavement leave can be extended to around seven days according to their policy. But this is done mostly in case of death of spouse, foster parent, blood child or the adopted child or the legal guardians.


Lowe’s is an American retail company that provides its customers with a wide range of home improvement products for the house, garden, different rooms as well as the kitchen, and many more. The company is known to have provided its employees with many perks and benefits in case of leave, work environment, insurance, and more. Lowe’s also has a very fabulous bereavement policy for their employees. It allows paid leave for up to three to five days in case the employee has lost any of his close relatives, in-laws, or a friend.


  1. What are the products available at Lowe’s? 

The company provides its customers with a wide range of home improvement products. The company offers home appliances, building materials, flooring, kitchen cabinets and appliances, seasonal and outdoor living, and many more. Moreover, the company also allows its customers to freely install and customize the hardware provided by them.

  1. What are the perks and benefits given to employees by Lowe’s Companies Inc.?

The Lowe’s Company is known to have provided its employees with many perks and benefits. The company provides its employees with an employee benefit program that includes various types of health care programs, paid holidays, life insurance of the permanent employees and other workers, plans for inevitable accidents, sick leave and pay, and many more. 

Lowe’s Bereavement Policy

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