Ikea wine glasses

Home accessories form an important part of giving your home a statement style Whether it’s cookware or sheets, each plays its role in adding to the look of your room. While there are many options, considering the style you’re looking for and the occasion is important. Moreover, there are a lot of options to choose from and you want to start with the favorite: Ikea. Here we will see about Ikea wine glasses.

Ikea wine glasses

Ikea wine glasses- overview

Ikea has a range of luxurious and charming wine glasses. Whether it is a brunch or a dazzling dinner, they have all the types of wine glasses you may be looking for. Learn about the various brands, styles, and sizes available at Ikea as you read on! With different prices, sizes, types, and more decide which is best suited for your occasion! 

About Ikea

Ikea, commonly known for its furniture, also designs other appliances. Cookware, house accessories, and much more are also available at Ikea. To give your home the perfect details without compromising is their mission. Imbibing safety and sustainability into each product is another priority. Read further to know the top wine glass pieces recommended by Ikea. 

Ikea wine glasses 


If you want a crystal clear winning experience, SVALKA is the right choice. They focus on crystal clear glasses that give the perfect sparkle to your wine and add to its elegance. Showing the richness of its color too, these make classy glassware to have in store. Another perk of these wine glasses is that their bowls are larger to help build on the wine’s aroma and color as you get on with your drink. That’s style coupled with more richness! The glasses are 18cm in height and hold up to 30cl. These may differ based on types. The price range is around 7$ for a pack of 6 glasses. 


Another highly recommended brand by Ikea is the DYRGRIPEN. These glasses are highly recommended and designed for a red wine soiree. They give similar perks like the SVALKA but these are also lead-free and have a luster of their own which adds to that of the wine. This may be ideal for toasts and evening dinners where you need to get the sparkle better. These glasses are available in 21.5cm and hold up to 58cl. The more the better! These also have larger bowls to hold all the wine you need and develop it well. The price is between 4$ and 6$ and again may vary depending on the type available at Ikea. 


STORSINT’S wine glasses are something you want to go with your satin table cloth and silverware on the table. These are the glasses if you want to add a luxury feel to your wine. They possess all the qualities. Lustre, larger bowls, style, and so on. They also hold the aroma and taste while you drink. A few reasons why Ikea high recommends this brand too. An additional feature that STORSINT glasses have is that =of reverberation. So, enjoy your toasts with your eyes and ears! The size of these glasses is 22cm and holds up to 67cl. The price is around 15$ for a pack of 6 glasses. Indulge in style together with your wine!


If you don’t want the same old round bowls and shapes, SÄLLSKAPLIG is the ideal pick. Although smaller bowls, these do not compromise with style. Traditional, vintage, printed? Call it what you like- but Ikea calls them SÄLLSKAPLIG! It can also be used for beverages other than wine to suit every traditional table setting. So be it breakfast or dinner, SÄLLSKAPLIG has you covered! These are priced up to 14$ for a pack of 4. The glasses are 19cm and hold up to 27cl. In addition to this, the design is always there to accompany!


There you have it! A varied list of wine glasses is strongly recommended by Ikea. red or white, indulge in your rich wine with a set of beautiful and classy glasses! While there are more options available, these are the ones at the top. Choose from IRVING, KONINGSLIED, STORHET, and other brands also available at Ikea! 


  • Are Konungslig glasses available at Ikea?

Yes. KONUNG SIG wine glasses, crystal clear, slim, and crafted skilfully are available at Ikea. priced at 13$, these hold up to 40cl. However, the availability of these glasses may depend on time and orders. On a general basis, Ikea does sell these.

  • Are there big wine glasses at Ikea?

If you’re looking for wine glasses with big bowls, try SVALKA and STORSINT. While there are other brands available too, these are highly recommended by Ikea and hold 30cl and 67cl respectively. These brands are known to have bigger bowls which is an important factor people look for while choosing wine glasses. 

  • Are Ikea’s wine glasses dishwashable?

Yes, they are. Most of Ikea’s wine glasses including the STORSINT and SVALKA are dishwashable. They can be washed the regular way. However, it’s best to check the description of each brand and glass for instructions. Ikea provides a description of the same for each product.

Ikea wine glasses

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