McDonald’s VIP Card

Are you a McDonald’s food lover? I bet that you have tried its food at least once till now and want to order more food from McDonald’s. You’ve probably heard about the McDonald’s Monopoly occasion as it’s a famous and laughter-filled recreation event wherein you could win a lot of prizes and scrumptious McDonald’s food. However, do you already know about the McDonald’s VIP card? This article will examine all about the McDonald’s VIP card, including what it’s for and its advantages.

McDonald’s VIP Card

More about the VIP Card

A McDonald’s VIP Card is the maximum current one-of-a-type prize decided withinside the McDonald’s Monopoly promotional event, and it’s, in the end, a loyalty card that’s really well worth having in your possession.

Moreover, in case you get the McDonald’s VIP Card, you’ll get a free meal from the eating place at least once per week for a whole year. However, you’ll have to order the loose meals via the McDonald’s app. 

How do I get this card?

You can get the McDonald’s VIP Card via means of playing the Monopoly sport at some point in the limited-time Monopoly event, which, as you know, is an every year advertising event of McDonald’s. All you need to do is order McDonald’s meals such as you generally do, and simply hold gathering as many avenue units as you may together along with your order, similar to the ordinary Monopoly game. 

However, now no longer all McDonald’s merchandise is part of the advertising, so search for the certified Monopoly McDonald’s menu objects in case you need to play and win a McDonald’s VIP Card.

Furthermore, there’ll most effectively be 1,000 VIP Gold Cards given away at some point of the Monopoly advertising, so the most effective manner you may land this type of unique playing card is to hold gambling the sport!

What are the benefits of having this card?

The largest advantage of the VIP card from McDonald’s is that it’ll entitle you to a free medium McDonalds meal each week for a year!

While you could get free apple pies, Big Macs, and distinctive freebies from McDonald’s Monopoly, the VIP gambling playing cards are coveted and, without a doubt, worth drastically more. Moreover, one other advantage is that you’re going to have bragging rights.

Can I Purchase a McDonald’s VIP Card?

Unfortunately, there may be no manner to outright buy the McDonald’s VIP Card on the grounds that it’s a prize given away throughout the Monopoly event.

It’s a way to get you to spend extra cash at McDonald’s on the grounds that on every occasion you order food, you acquire Monopoly portions, and the extra portions you’ve got, the much more likely you’ll win an extraordinary prize.

However, even if you don’t win the McDonald’s VIP Card, you’ve got a chance to win a few precious gadgets, which include cash, excursion trips, gaming consoles, or even cars!

How Do I Store My McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces?

Fortunately, McDonald’s is persevering with a brand new manner with the intention to save your Monopoly portions via means of permitting you to save them online through the McDonald’s Monopoly website.

This is a super addition because you do not want to bodily preserve all the portions and feature the fold-out Monopoly board, which takes up area and is worrying to continuously pull out.

How can you go into the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion?

There are some distinctive methods that you can use to play the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion event. This includes heading to McDonald’s and shopping certified objects that immediately win prizes.

Most of the ‘immediately win prizes’ are ‘free food and drinks’ objects and are to be redeemed at once after you’ve peeled the triumphing sticker.

In addition to that, you may accumulate sport portions and attempt to get as many units as you may due to the fact that that’s in which the most important prizes are found.

McDonald’s Monopoly additionally has a manner of playing online with a code, which offers you a high-quality shot at triumphing cash.

Do Billionaires have McDonald’s VIP Cards?

Warren Buffett once told CNBC that he has a card that offers him to get McDonald’s in Omaha without an expiration date. The billionaire added that Bill Gates has a McDonald’s gold card that offers him free meals at any region around the arena for the rest of his life.


On top of it all, the VIP Gold Card is particularly cool, and it’s something you could flash your pals and display to them how unique you’re with this coveted recreation prize. Hence, if you have the McDonald’s VIP card, then you are one of the luckiest people in this world. 

McDonald’s VIP Card

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