Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program

USA’s retail giant, Walmart, which runs several grocery stores and other supercentres with a myriad of products to be offered to their customers, has over the years managed to gain a loyal customer base since its inception. Walmart, which is probably one of the largest retail companies in the world, keeps coming up with innovative ideas to intrigue its customer base. In 2018 Walmart collaborated with CarSaver and announced the Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program that was under development for a long period. The program aims at driving prospective clients and leads who may be on the lookout for buying cars to stop contemplating and step out and consider local participating dealerships. 

Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program

Role of CarSaver

Under the Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase program, CarSaver—an auto dealer company—opened up car purchasing centers in front of all Walmart stores across the country. By setting up these stores, Walmart intends to cut down on the time and money people invest in going through a car negotiation process. 

CarSaver helps these customers ease up the process of looking to take home their perfect family ride by providing a one-stop-shop platform to buy, lease, finance, and insure the majority of the new and second-hand cars belonging to the top brands. 

David Eckert, senior vice president of Walmart Service and Digital Acceleration, has stated, “CarSaver’s unique platform helps our customers understand the true cost of ownership, while also helping them save money with buying, financing, leasing, and insuring a new or used vehicle.”

How is CarSaver So Efficient in Fulfilling These Claims?

CarSaver has set up a very transparent system of dealing with its customer:

  • CarSaver has a widespread network of certified dealers who deal with customers in an upright way and relate fair prices to the customers. This helps them in lead generation and setting appointments with the customers that prioritize them.
  • Banks and insurance companies provide transparent, up-front pricing. 
  • They also cater to and prioritize the needs of Walmart customers and employees.
  • CarSaver does not have a high customer per dealer ratio, i.e., they do not send many customers to a single dealer; rather they maintain a healthy partnership atmosphere by sending only one customer to a single dealer.
  • CarSaver also considers its employees’ happiness, and thus as an incentive, they pay a success bonus of $350 to the concerned dealer for every vehicle sold.

These qualities that have been mentioned above help them in maintaining efficiency and being true to their words.

How Does the Process of Associate Vehicle Program Work?

Here are some of the points to take you through how this process of the Associate Vehicle Program works:

  • Visit and browse for car options.
  • After browsing, choose the car that suits your needs and budget the best—you should consider comparing and reading carefully through the details of the various cars and options available.
  • You are advised to save your time by opting for financing online and personalizing the way you want to pay.
  • Once you have made your choice for the car you want to buy, you can contact your VIP Personal Shopper to get your test-drive appointment and the local delivery at your nearest dealer.
  • You can contact your Shopper by calling them at (855) 814-2874, or you can schedule an appointment online.
  • After you have purchased a CarSaver certified dealership, you are eligible to receive a $100 Walmart gift card.
  • This can be done by contacting your VIP Personal Shopper at the above-certified number.
  • Walmart gifts an additional $100 card to all customers who go through their financial process using the lenders preferred by Walmart.

What are the Eligibility criteria for participating in the Walmart Associate Vehicle Program?

Listed below are the eligibility criteria for participating in this program:

  • The foremost and most important criteria is that if you wish to be a part of this program, you have to be an associate of Walmart in some way.
  • The people who qualify as associates can purchase up to five vehicles every year.
  • Associates or prospective clients are free to access all varieties of new and second-hand cars.

How Can the Shopper or Client Benefit from this?

  • Walmart’s Associate Vehicle Service program, in association with CarSaver, does not cost you any money and is a fuss-free process where you can buy your car at your convenience.
  • Their hassle-free process helps you save valuable time and money.
  • As already mentioned, you can buy, finance, lease and insure your car at a single destination—you won’t have to go looking for options anywhere.
  • The VIP Personal Shopper further eases the process of purchasing or leasing your vehicle by offering a fast and punctual service—they are open to all kinds of questions and queries that arise in your mind.


This idea of having a car dealership shop opened near your store for the convenience of your customers not only helps in strengthening your consumer base further but also cuts down on competition from other people trying to evade your customer base, which is what Walmart has been successful in dong by coming up with this plan. 

Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program

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