Does mcdonalds deliver?

McDonald’s is a fast-food company that has its origins tied to the United States of America. The Foundation of this fast-food chain began as a restaurant that belonged to Richard and Maurice Mcdonald in San Bernardino, California, USA. In this article we will get it know on does McDonalds deliver it’s spicy and crispy food?

History of McDonald

McDonald’s has a very interesting history about how it became so big of a brand and how small it was when it was originally started by brothers Richard and Maurice Mcdonald. The first Mcdonald’s ever was opened in 1940 by the aforementioned brothers in San Bernardino, California, USA.

Originally started as a drive-in that offered a wide variety of food items, in 1948 it was decided by the brothers to refurbish the business. After three months of renovation, they opened another restaurant.

Does mcdonalds deliver?

The purpose of this restaurant was to provide a massive amount of food at cheap costs. To achieve this the menu was limited to hamburgers, potato chips which were later replaced by french fries, drinks, and pie. 

Another brilliant idea that emerged in the minds of the McDonald brothers was to have a self-service counter due to which there was no need for waiters and waitresses. The system allowed the cooking of food ahead of time and the customer didn’t need to wait as much. This idea helped the brothers to charge 15 cents for just a hamburger. It laid the foundations for the franchisee of McDonald’s as one of the biggest franchises. 

Expansion and Growth of McDonald

The growth of McDonald’s continued both in the domestic market and in the global market. Its first location outside the US happened when a franchise opened in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. During this period the fast-food chain had expanded to more than 115 countries and territories with 34,000 outlets. In the 90s growth was happening so rapidly that it was said a new McDonald’s opened somewhere in the world every five hours. It was labeled as the most popular family restaurant, emphasizing cheap prices and the joy of different flavors which appealed to both the adults and the kids alike.

Before 2008, it even owned other food chains like Donatos Pizza, Mexican Grill, and Aroma cafe. Now McDonald’s has no stake in any of these companies and solely focuses on developing its brand.

Criticism from the world and the response

With so much success for the brand, it was inevitable that it had to face criticism from the general public over its shortcomings. The majority of the criticism and backlash was concerned with its alleged association with the global increase in Obesity. Numerous lawsuits were filed against McDonald’s with the accusation of their food causing health issues. 

The response of McDonald’s to the criticism was to figure out additions in their menu that would be healthy. They also worked on making vegan hamburgers. They put out their first plant-based hamburger in 2017, though it was only available in a few markets. McDonald’s announced that it has stopped using preservatives in many of its hamburgers.

McDonald’s also had stirred up controversy by being one of the lowest-paying jobs despite being one of the world’s largest private employers. 

Does McDonald’s deliver?

McDonald’s does indeed have a delivery system in place. It all started in 1993 when a service which is known as McDelivery was introduced in some parts of the United States. The service allows the food to be delivered to the doorstep with the help of motorcycle couriers. It was started by McDonald’s. The service has expanded to many countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Some of them are even available 24 hours a day and in some territories the minimum orders are free.

It does not deliver everywhere, the reason for that is they do not keep it in their priorities. They aim to serve hot food, which has just arrived from the kitchen. Their business model is not the one that is based around delivering like some other fast-food chains. Take the example of Dominos or Pizza Hut. They mainly serve pizzas which are mainly ordered by people at home to chill. Pizza restaurant’s business plan aims for a higher profit, so they can manage with fewer sales. In comparison to them, McDonald’s which has a small profit margin will have a requirement of massive amounts of sales. 

One more thing to keep in mind is every business does not work on the same model to earn money. The cost of developing an infrastructure just for the sake of delivering the food can affect the profits.


McDonald started as a small restaurant but soon it emerged as one of the most recognizable faces for the food industry. It had its fair share of ups and downs and certainly evolved as a company. McDonald’s does deliver in a few places, although its main concern is its customers in its restaurants.

Does mcdonalds deliver?

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