Does Walmart US ship to Canada?

Walmart is a multinational American bureau that works with the chain of departmental stores, convenience stores, etc. Walmart is considered as a bureau that has an enormous number of employees. We will see Does Walmart US ship to Canada?

Does Walmart US ship to Canada?


Sam Walton was the founder of the Walmart bureau. Walmart is registered under Delaware General Corporation Law. The company’s name changed to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in 1970 from Wal-Mart, Inc. There were approx 1,198 Walmart stores with sales accounting for $15.9 billion and 200,000 workers on the company’s 25th anniversary in 1987.

Walmart exceeded the sales of Toys “R” Us in the year 1998. In the same year, David Glass became the new CEO of Walmart and Sam Walton became the chairman of the board and is the same year the foremost Walmart Superstore was instigated in Washington.

Does Walmart ship to Canada?

Walmart does not ship across Canada but a procedure has been designed to supply the Walmart goods to Canada without any difficulties. The procedure involves the usage of a package forwarder, it is a warehouse in the United States that will accept your parcel, and then it will be delivered to you in Canada.

Steps to get your orders shipped to Canada

1) Selecting virtuous Package Forwarder

It’s very important to select a virtuous one as it will all depend upon the Package Forwarder like how much we have to pay for the service and how much time it will take to be delivered. Following are the measures we should look into before selecting a Package Forwarder :

  • Service Emolument – checking the charges of their shipping orders, re-packing, storage of products for the long-term.
  • Pricing – Gaining proper knowledge about the price estimates before sending the product to the warehouse.
  • Speed – ensuring how quickly the order will be delivered.
  • Customer service – checking the reviews of other customers and how fast they will respond to our queries.

By overviewing all these measures, we found that Planet Express is the finest Package Forwarder. 

2) Shipping the order to Package Forwarder

For selecting Planet Express as your Package Forwarder, you need to sign up on their website then they will provide you an email address. You have to enter this email address after selecting the items of your choice.

3) Forwarding the order

The warehouse faculty will let you know as soon as the order arrives in the warehouse by sending you pictures of the product and ensuring that the product is in good condition. There are numerous shipping options from which you can select the convenient one but everything depends on the product’s size and weight.

Working division

Walmart operates into four divisions, they are :

  • Walmart International
  • Walmart U.S
  • Global E-commerce
  • Sam’s Club

Walmart offers the following retailing shops through these 4 divisions –

  • Supermarkets
  • Hypermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacy
  • Wholesale stores
  • Restaurants
  • Supercenters

Walmart U.S.

The bureau’s enormous division accounts for $331.666 billion for the year 2019 that is Walmart U.S. John Furner is the CEO and president of Walmart U.S. Neighborhood Markets, Discount Markets, and Supercenters have been the mainstream places in the U.S. According to the October 31, 2021 report, there are overall 4,742 Walmart U.S. stores currently running. 

Walmart Discount 

These departmental stores cover up to 30,000 to 221,000 square feet (2,800-20,500 square meters). These departmental stores provide general commodities to their customers. The main concept of Walmart was to open discount stores but later it got excelled by Supercenters. 

Walmart Supercenter

These stores accommodate seafood, dairy products, poultry products, meat, etc. The foremost Walmart Supercenter was instigated in 1988 in Washington, Missouri. The enormous Supercenter globally is located in Albany, New York in Crossgates Commons. 

Walmart Neighborhood

Walmart Neighborhood covers upto 28,000 to 65,000 square feet (2,600 to 6,000 square meters). These stores focus on 3 categorizations of sales:-

  • Groceries – bakery items, meat, cleaning items, pet food, etc.
  • Drugstore – Wine and beer.
  • Fuel


The Walmart bureau has escalated doing charities since Sam Walton’s death in 1992. In 2020, when Hurricane Katrina occurred, Walmart donated various merchandise and approx $20 million for their solace. Walmart contributed $25 million to the associations which were formed for COVID – 19.


 From January 2021, Walmart made the vaccines available in various states like Louisiana, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Their motive was to provide 10-13 million doses monthly. Walmart allowed the fully vaccinated personnel to stop wearing masks if they wanted to. 


Walmart is a superlative retailing store globally. Walmart is working in many countries and it is being instigated in new countries every year. Walmart is achieving its triumph because of its good marketing strategies. Walmart provides a great environment for the personnel to make them work more efficiently. Walmart consists of an excessive number of personnel globally. 

Does Walmart US ship to Canada?

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