Walgreens Photo Return Policy

In this article, we will see Walgreens Photo Return Policy.

Walgreens is one of the top drugstores in the USA. Apart from medicines and health care essentials, it sells other products as well. One of those products is photos sold from Walgreens Photo Center. Walgreens provides the best quality pictures, videos, and customized products. But what can a customer do if he or she did not receive the desired producthe1.

Walgreens Photo Return Policy

If you have not received photos in the desired form from Walgreens, you can easily return or replace them. Walgreens has a very customer-friendly return policy. With a receipt and valid reason to return, you can return the photo bought online or from the Walgreen store. Walgreens will also give you a complete refund of the returned photo or photo item. 

How to return photos bought from Walgreens?

If the product delivered to you by Walgreens is not what you ordered and how you expected it to be, you can easily request a return. The process of return depends on the option you chose for shipment. Depending on the type of shipment, the return option is given to you. There are two ways of returning your order to Walgreen-

In-store return 

You can return the photo you ordered from Walgreens online at the Walgreens store. But this is possible only when you purchase a photo by same-day shipment. ‘Same-day shipment’, is a way of shipment you choose for your product. With this option, you will get delivery of the product you bought at the store on the same day you ordered it. 

If you return the product at the Walgreens store from where you collected the order, the refund will also be made instantly. So if you want to return your order at the Walgreens store, then your shipment option should necessarily be – ‘same-day shipment.’

Return through carrier or mail 

If you have not ordered the photos via the same-day shipping option, then you can’t return them to Walgreens stores. Then you have to contact the customer care of Walgreens to process the return. 

If you selected the ‘ship by mail’ or ‘ship to store’ option for your order then, this can’t be returned at the Walgreens store. Call at 1-866-264-2910, the customer care service of Walmart. This service is available 24/7. You can ask about the procedures and details of return from them. 

Conditions to Return

The procedure to return Walgreens photos is not a complex one. You can return the product by either reaching out to the store or contacting customer care. 

Before returning the photo, keep the receipt of purchase ready with you. Walgreens will not take your photos back without the receipt. If you don’t have the receipt, then go back to the Walgreens website from where you ordered the photos. There will be an e-receipt of your purchase. You can also download a receipt from there to show proof of your purchase. 

Walgreens Photos Order Cancellation 

There are times when buyers hastily place orders without checking what they exactly want. Sometimes they order the wrong product. And sometimes the date of delivery does not suit them. In such conditions, you can request a cancellation of your order. 

At Walgreens, there is a 2-hour window for order cancellation. That means within two hours of placing your order, you can cancel it without any reason. The cancellation of the order would not charge anything from you. But it should be canceled within 2 hours of ordering. 

Photo Return Policy of Competitors

Walmart, Costco, CVS, Target, etc. firms are major competitors of Walgreens. None of them have a return policy like Walgreens. Costco doesn’t return the opened product, while CVS and Walmart do not take it back after a few days of purchase. 


Walgreens is a very good photo center in the USA. But if the receivers of the photo are not satisfied with the quality, color, and other aspects of the photo they can return it. Walgreens’ return policy includes photos bought online or picked from stores. Showing a receipt is necessary to give a return and receive a refund. 

Walgreens has a very customer-friendly rerun policy. It has many pluses than the rerun policies of its competitors. So, you need not worry about your money before placing an order for a photo from Walgreens. 


  1. Can I return the photo I received as a gift from Walgreens without a receipt? 

Answer: Yes, you can return the gifted photos without receipt at Walmart. If someone has gifted you a photo or customized photo item from Walgreens without a receipt, explain the situation to Walgreens. The final decision of taking a return rests on them. 

  1. Within how many days of purchase can I return the photo purchased from Walgreens? 

Answer: There is no time limit for returning a photo product at Walgreens, according to the Walgreens website. But for other Walgreens products, the return window is 30 days. 

Walgreens Photo Return Policy

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