PetSmart exchange policy

PetSmart is a famous American store that is associated with the sales of pet products, services, and small pets. It was established in 1986 and has around 15000+ stores in the United States presently. It is a private company and provides decent facilities for your pet. Sometimes when we buy a product and come home with it, we feel that there is no need for it. In that case, we will want to exchange or return it. To know what the exchange policy is at PetSmart, keep reading the article. 

PetSmart exchange policy

PetSmart exchange policy

If you want to exchange a product for PetSmart, make sure that you are bringing it between 0 to 60 days of purchasing. Bring the product and a valid ID of yours to the store, your product will be exchanged with ease.

PetSmart return policy with receipt

If you have receipt the product that you purchase from PetSmart, you can return it by following the steps mentioned below:- 

  • As a first step, you should know that you can return or exchange a product within 60 days of purchasing it. 
  • The refund of the product will be dependent on the mode of payment done during the purchase. If you bought the product in cash the refund will be made through cash only. 

PetSmart return policy after 60 days of purchase

To return a product purchased after the 60-day time duration given, you will need to bring a valid ID proof along with you. It doesn’t matter if you have the receipt of the product or not, the only necessary thing to return or exchange the product even after the 60 days is to have a valid ID proof along with you. For ID proof, you can bring a passport, visa, or an identity card with your name, date of birth, and other essential information. 

Exceptions for Return or Exchange at PetSmart

PetSmart accepts the return and exchange of a product within 60 days of purchasing. But there are some exceptions that you cannot return or exchange to the store. The exceptions for return and exchange at PetSmart are mentioned below:-

  • Medications and vitamins.
  • Electronic products.
  • Products of grooming. 
  • Pumps and filters.

PetSmart Return Policy Online 

If you purchased the product from the official online website of PetSmart company, and you want to return it, you can return the product through the service of mail. You can also return the product by visiting a PetSmart store near your location. You should note that the Damaged package cannot be returned. 

To return the product via mail, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • You should know that PetSmart would not be responsible for the charges carried out during the procedure of mailing. Make sure to attach a slip of the product along with the package and keep a copy of the slip along with you as well. 
  • Contact the PetSmart return policy company’s customer care.
  • Mention the justification of not wanting the product. 
  • It is essential to include the RMA number. 
  • It will take around 3 to 7 business days. 
  • You will be notified by Email throughout the whole procedure. 

To return the product to the PetSmart store, don’t forget to bring the original slip of the product along with you while returning the product to a PetSmart store nearby your location. Visit the store and the employees will let you know the further process. 

PetSmart Return Policy of Damaged Products

If a product that you purchased from PetSmart is defective or damaged, you will have to inform the same of the company. Call the customer care service of the PetSmart company within 30 days of delivery and tell them about the situation. They will let you know about how to return the product and get a refund, or how to receive a new item. 

PetSmart Return Policy of Used Products

If you used an item purchased from the smart company and you wish to return it. You will have the time of 14 days to return it to the company. But there is a condition, the company will only accept products in their original packaging. For example, if you bought canned food from PetSmart for your cat and opened it. But now you are not feeling the need to keep it and you want to return it. In this type of situation, the company will only accept the canned food in its original can. The same allows for all the products at PetSmart. 


In conclusion, the exchange policy of PetSmart is not so complicated. you just have to bring the product within 60 days of purchasing. 


  1. Can I exchange at PetSmart without any receipt? 

Yes, you can exchange at PetSmart without any receipt.

  1. Can you return an opened item to PetSmart?

Yes, you can return and open items to PetSmart. 

  1. How long do you have to return a pet to PetSmart?

If you want to return a pet to the PetSmart company then you should know that you will have to return it within 14 days of purchase. 

  1. Does PetSmart sell octopuses?

Yes, PetSmart sells octopus. 

  1. Can I return a broken toy to PetSmart? 

No, you can not return a broken toy to PetSmart.

PetSmart exchange policy

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