Amazon Employee Assistance Program

Amazon is one of the top employers in the US. Forbes in its World’s Best Employers 2020 list, ranked Amazon in the second spot, making it one of the best employers globally. The rating was on a wide range of criteria such as Covid-19 response, talent development, economic footprint, social responsibility, gender equality, etc. Feedback was from the employees at Amazon. Amazon has a global reach with more than 875000 employees working for them around the globe. With this large workforce, it also becomes difficult for the employer to keep them satisfied and, Amazon has resolved to be the best employer in the world. In this article we will learn about the Amazon Employee Assistance Program.

Amazon Employee Assistance Program

To keep such a large company surviving and growing, it becomes imperative to provide support to their employees so that they keep giving their best in the service. Here the question arises what kind of assistance do the companies offer to their employees? Let’s try to understand the assistance generally given by the companies.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Program, is sponsored by the company to provide help in resolving the personal issues of the employees like financial, emotional, family, marriage, adoption, substance abuse. Many issues are addressed under this program and can vary from company to company. 

Employee assistance programs offer legal assistance, adoption assistance, wellness, and health care programs. It also helps in finding elder care services. A broad range of topics is covered under it.

Employee assistance program benefits are extended to the immediate family of employees too.

Amazon Employee Assistance Program:

Amazon’s Employee Assistance Program’s services can be availed 24/7 and are confidential. It is available for all the employees but, the benefits differ depending upon the status of an employee, location, part-time and full-time employee.

We will here be discussing the services available to regular and full-time employees.

  • Financial Guidance: Assistance for money management like budgeting, tax payments, and retirement planning.

What is not covered? Any investment advice and payments of loans and bills.

  • Legal Consultations: Employees can easily reach out for personal and family issues, consumer-related consultations, business, real estate, and financial problems.  
  • Identity Theft Recovery Services: If you are the victim of fraud, you can seek help. Amazon also provides an ID theft emergency response kit.
  • Daily Life Support: Amazon helps its employee in managing their daily life, like transportation services, pet services, and many more such services. However, it does not guarantee the services.
  • Family issues: Amazon provides referrals to childcare and eldercare providers.
  • Clinical Support: Under this program, an employee and their family members can avail of 5 consultations in a year for a particular health problem. There are different ways of consulting the clinician, telephonic, video, or in-person, what you choose will depend upon your ease.

To reach the licensed clinician or to book an appointment, employees can call 1-800-511-3920 at any time. The anonymity of the caller is maintained, and all the information shared and the services availed under EAP are confidential.

The EAP helps in addressing a wide range of issues that include:

■ Marriage, Relationship, and Family Problems 

■ Problems at Work 

■ Changes in Mood 

■ Legal and Financial Issues 

■ Stress and Anxiety 

■ Alcohol and Drug Dependency 

■ Identity Theft

 ■ Health and Wellness Concerns

*Sourced from MetLife

What services are not included in EAP?

For clinical services, if the numbers of consultations exceed that provided under EAP, then the employee will have to pay themselves.

 Any prescription drugs and inpatient or outpatient getting medical treatment would not be covered under EAP. 

Any treatment for medical illness or autism would not be treated under EAP.


For the assistance of the employees to deal with their day-to-day life and to provide them legal and clinical assistance, Amazon has Employee Assistance Program. Fees for the services are entirely covered by Amazon through its service provider of EAP, MetLife. The helpline number can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

However, there are some limitations to the Employee Assistance Program. For the services not included in EAP, the employee has to pay for them separately.

FAQs on Employee Assistance Programs

How to reach out for help?

The services are available 24/7. An employee can directly call 1-800-511-3920, to avail of any of the services covered under EAP. Failing to appear for consultations will be considered used unless canceled before 24 hr. 

Are the services paid?

The services that are used by an employee under EAP are entirely paid for by Amazon. The employee assistance program is not chargeable to an employee in any form like co-payments, co-insurance, or deductible payments. If the service is not included in the EAP, then only the employee will have to pay for it separately. 

Which insurance company provides Amazon’s employee assistance program?

Amazon’s employee assistance program is provided by MetLife, it is a Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Amazon uses a third party for assisting and itself is not directly involved in the Employee Assistance Program.

Amazon Employee Assistance Program

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