United States Postal Inspection Service Letter

USPIS is an organization that is responsible for postal service in the U.S. in a lawful way. It is an organization that as postal inspectors who ensure that the postal services in the country run smoothly. The job of the agency is to find out and investigate theft, fraud, or mail-related or identity theft, etc related crimes. The United States Postal Inspection Service letter ensures that every letter or mail reaches the right person. Other than this it tackles all the frauds, crimes related to postal issues. They have a motto – “Delivering protection to every address.”

United States Postal Inspection Service Letter

How does it work?

Step 1 Process involves tracking mails and if found something suspicious;

Step 2 Then collect information about it in more detail, investigate it.

Step 3 After confirmation their job is to send the postal inspection services official letter to the suspect.

Step 4 Along with protecting the victims of the identity theft victims from the suspect.

The work of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service 

The information about the agency is given above, it is important to know about the agency first then their work. The agency is a law enforcement entity that looks after the crimes in the postal services. 

The people working here are full-fledged inspectors and are referred to as postal inspectors. They do not solve the case all alone. Instead, they work closely with the local, States and federal organizations to investigate and solve mail-related crimes.

They have all the powers which any other inspector has. They have a firearm and carry guns, can arrest and serve the federal agencies as well regarding search warrants. Also, their jurisdiction is not restricted to an area or locality but it is much more than that. As mails can reach to any part of the world.

Receiving Letter from USPIS 

Receiving a letter from the USPIS can be for various reasons. If you are involved in crime, frauds then you can receive a letter or it can be a normal letter which you were supposed to receive. That is the letter sent to you by your known.

There are various reasons for which one can receive a letter from USPIS, they are;

  • Holding your order may contain some suspicious content such as drugs etc. 
  • Or they tracked a mail which is sent by you to the other person and contain some malicious or suspicious content inside.
  • If your name is found to be connected with theft, crime, or a scam then also you may receive a letter.
  • Some fraudulent charges are associated with your name and for that USPIS is keeping an eye on you.

Areas of crime that they cover

They cover various areas which involve;

  • Financial frauds
  • Identity thefts
  • Suspicious and prohibited mails
  • Other cybercrimes
  • Narcotics and drugs etc.

The main aim of the organization is to arrest and penalize the guilty and protect the victims and common people. Till now they have made more than five thousand arrests, and around 5000 cases have received convictions. All are crimes related to emails that are theft and fraud. 

What is the Purpose of the letter from USPIS?

It has various purposes the letters are sent to the people who may be associated with some crime. So these letters serve different purposes it may be related to questioning, interrogation, investigation, etc. 

And for the victim, it may be to collect information, comprehend the loss to prevent the potential harm. It is evident to investigate the matter and prosecute the criminal so that others who could be the victims can be protected. And the letter is the initiator of the conversation.


The United Nations Postal Inspection Service is responsible for all the emails related to frauds, crimes, and thefts. It can be financial fraud or identity theft.

USPIS is responsible for investigating the matter. And solve such cases and punish the guilty. It has to protect the victims from such crimes and prevent future victims who may be potential targets.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1) What to do when receiving a letter from the USPIS?

Ans It depends on the situation itself. Receiving a letter does not mean that one is associated with a crime. It can be for investigation purposes also. It can be by mistake or some error. So one has to react accordingly.

Q.2) What to do if the mail is on hold without any fault?

Ans If there is nothing wrong with the mail you sent. Do not worry. Just give a call to the USPIS and ask them the reason for the same.

Q.3) What happens if you do not respond to the letter?

Ans If the letter has some directions and is related to fraud or theft, do what is asked in it Corporate with them. And if sent by mistake, then it will be deleted automatically.

United States Postal Inspection Service Letter

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