Does Lowe’s accept google pay and Samsung pay?

Lowe’s is the second-largest home improvement retail store in the USA after The Home Depot. It is one of the favorite destinations of people to get their home essentials. In the digital world, people are more dependent on online payment apps for contactless payments. But does World’s second-largest home improvement store Lowes accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay? 

Lowe’s does not accept Google Pay for in-store and online shopping. Lowe’s does not have the technology used in contactless payment and it has no plans to adopt it. Therefore, you can’t pay via Google Pay at Lowe’s. Samsung Pay uses a magnetic strip for digital payment which is available at Lowe’s. Still, customers face several problems in using Samsung Pay at the store. 

Does Lowes accept google pay and Samsung pay?

Does Lowe’s accept Google Pay?

No, Google Pay is not accepted by Lowe’s home improvement for both in-store and online shopping. Google Pay requires the NFC technology to run its contactless payment. Lowe’s does not have this system therefore it does not accept Google Pay. 

There are many retail and departmental stores, where contactless payments are not accepted. Everybody has different reasons for this. There are reasons like marketing strategy, competitor company, unavailability of technology, company policy, etc. 

Lowe’s is one of the oldest retail stores in the USA. It still uses the traditional methods for receiving payments if purchases. So, to make payments at Lowe’s you can either use cash or various cards. 

Does Lowe’s accept Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is also a mode of making a contactless payment. But rather than using NFC technology like Google Pay and Apple Pay, it uses magnetic stripe readers. Hence, Samsung Pay is accepted for in-store shopping at Lowe’s. But customers had faced various issues in making payments via Samsung Pay at Lowe’s. Many users have complained that Samsung Pay worked at their end but did not work at Lowe’s end. 

In many Lowe’s stores around the USA, Samsung Pay is not accepted yet. Therefore it is advisable to keep cash and your cards while shopping at Lowe’s. Secondly, Samsung Pay is not accepted by Lowe’s against online purchases. 

What modes of payment does Lowe’s accept? 

Lowe’s does not accept contactless payment but it accepts all forms of traditional payments. Cash, cards, cheques are all accepted at Lowe’s. Following are the major modes of payment accepted at Lowe’s- 

  • Cash 
  • Cheque (for in-store shopping only)
  • MasterCard (Debit Card and Credit Card)
  • Visa Card (Debit Card and Credit Card) 
  • American Express (Debit Card and Credit Card)
  • Discover Card (Debit Card and Credit Card)
  • Lowe’s Gift Cards
  • Lowe’s rebate 
  • Lowe’s Cards 

Various Lowe’s Cards could be used for shopping at Lowe’s home improvement retail stores. These cards sometimes also offer special discounts to the customers. There are Lowe’s Commercial Account Card, Lowe’s Business Advantage Credit Card, and Lowe’s PreLoad Discover Card. 

Benefits of Lowe’s credit card 

Using contactless payment methods is not only convenient, but it also gives various special offers and cash backs to users. So if you think that using traditional payment methods at Lowe’s is disadvantageous for you then you are wrong. Therefore is a Lowe’s Business Advantage Credit Card which comes with exclusive discount offers for the customers. 

On the first purchase with Lowe’s Credit Card, the customer receives a 20% off on the billing price. This is a welcome bonus allowed on the purchase of $500 or less. After that, for every payment, they can avail of a 5% discount on the billing price. There are three main benefits you can receive on every purchase with Lowe’s Business Advantage Credit Card- 

  • On the purchase of $299, you can receive six months of special financing.
  • On the purchase of $2000, you can receive 84 fixed monthly payments. 
  • 5% off on any purchase with the Credit Card.

You can choose only one of the above opportunities awarded by Lowe’s Business Advantage Credit Card. 

Stores that accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay

The major stores that accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay are-

  • Giant Eagle 
  • Staples
  • Foot Locker 
  • Nike
  • Whole Food Market 


Lowe’s is one of those stores where contactless payment is not accepted. The technology required for accepting Google Pay is not with the Lowe’s Home Improvement retail store. Samsung Pay is not working well with the organization. Therefore, to complete your payments at Lowe’s you have to use cash, credit card, debit card, cheques, gift cards and Lowe’s cards. Lowe’s cards offer various benefits to the customers. 


  1. Does Lowe’s accept Apple Pay? 

Answer: No, Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay. This is because Lowe’s does not have the NFC technology that is required for contactless payment through Apple Pay. 

  1. Can I make a check payment for online purchases from Lowe’s? 

Answer: You can not make check payments for online purchases from Lowe’s. For curbside pickup also check payments are not accepted. It is accepted only for in-store shopping. 

Does Lowe’s accept google pay and Samsung pay?

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