Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

There are more than a hundred million iPhone users in the USA. Most of them use Apple Pay as the primary payment-making option. Still, USA’s most prominent retail stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Kroger do not accept payments through Apple Pay. But does the Subway restaurant chain take Apple Pay? 

Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Subway accepts Apple Pay at all their stores in the USA. It is the most prominent restaurant chain in the USA. The company has been taking Apple Pay payments since 2014 when Apple launched it for the first time. You can use Apple Pay at Subway Restaurant as well as Subway’s app while ordering food.

Apple Pay at Subway Restaurant 

Subway is a major restaurant chain in the USA. You can make your payments at Subway through Apple Pay. Subway has been accepting Apple Pay ever since its launch. Apple Pay has made payment options easier for customers. Now, there is no need to carry cash and credit/debit cards everywhere, if you have a mobile phone. Recording these technological advancements, Subway decided to keep the option of Apple Pay at its stores. 

More than half of the US population uses iPhone. And most of them prefer using Apple Pay for making payments. With the growth of the idea and technology of digitalization, the use of cash has become negligible. Hence, restaurants and stores are also changing policies of taking payment. Apple Pay has become a major delivery option in almost all the restaurants in the USA. 

This year Apple also announced a discount offer for its users on making payments at Subway. A 2% was offered for a few days in August on making payment at Subway. To avail of the discount, the code ‘APPLE PAY’ is required to enter. Apart from Subway, this offer was also for some other major partners of Apple Pay like Dunkin’ Donuts, Instacart, DoorDash, and GoPuff.

Apple Pay in the Subway App 

To get the delivery of Subway food at your home or workplace, you can place your order at Subway restaurant’s website or app. This app also accepts payment through Apple Pay. To pay through Apple Pay, you can select Apple Pay as a payment mode while checkout. Apple Pay could be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. 

Other than for home delivery, you can also use the Subway app for Curbside Pickup drive-thru. The drive-thru option allows you to have your meal in your car. You need not come and sit in the restaurant. Whereas the curbside pickup option allows you to order food before reaching the restaurant and pick it up from the restaurant. 

For both these options, you can make payments for your food via Apple Pay. So you can enjoy Subway food without a credit card, debit card, coupon, or cash. You just need an Apple Pay app, a bank account linked to it, and a balance in your account. 

Other modes of payment at Subway 

Apple Pay is a major payment option at Subway because a large number of the US population uses the app. But Subway also gives you alternative payment options. You can make payment at Subway in the following ways – 

  • Cash Payment
  • Debit Cards 
  • Credit Card 
  • Subway Gift Cards
  • Subway Gift Vouchers
  • Debit and Credit gift cards 

If you don’t use Apple Pay or are facing some issues using it, you can also pay your bills through any of the above options at Subway.

Why do some stores in the US not accept Apple Pay? 

Apple Pay is a major payment choice for most people in the USA. Still, most of the places in the USA do not take Apple Pay. Most of these are retail stores. The major reasons for not accepting Apple Pay is-

  • Marketing strategy to increase use of store’s apps for payment 
  • Track consumers online behavior 
  • Lack of infrastructure for contactless payment. 


Like most of the other restaurants in the USA, Subway also accepts Apple Pay. Rather, it is one of the earliest partners of Apple Pay in the country. Customers can use Apple Pay at Subway restaurants and in Subway’s app and website. So to have a great meal at Subway, you need not take cash or a card with you. You can pay your bills via your phone only. 

  1. Does Subway accept checks for payment? 

Answer: No, currently Subway does not accept checks in its store. You need to encash your check to make payment at Subway. Otherwise, you can also pay via debit or credit card, gift cards, and cash. 

  1. Does Wendy’s take Apple Pay? 

Answer: Apple Pay is not accepted in Wendy’s restaurants and apps. It is one of the very few restaurants, where Apple Pay is not accepted.

  1. Do retail stores in the USA accept Apple Pay? 

Answer: Most of the prominent retail stores in the USA don’t accept Apple Pay because they have their apps for payment. Target and Costco accept Apple Pay but Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, etc. do not. 

Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

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