Does Lowes Install Appliances?

In this article, we will see Does Lowes Install Appliances?

Lowe’s is one of the famous American-based retail companies that one will know of. Retail companies in America have grown very rapidly ever since the industry came into existence. There are so many retail industries that offer good and exclusive products along with a cheap rate to the customers. Interestingly, the mission of Lowe’s is the same.

Does Lowes Install Appliances?

Customers who have purchased any home appliances or other attachable appliances have often asked if Lowe’s installs appliances? The answer is yes the American retail company has been using this strategy for quite some time now.

Conditions Checked by Lowe’s

According to Lowe’s official site, they have some conditions for installing or delivering appliances to the customer’s address. Interestingly, these kinds of terms and conditions are used by most of the retail companies in the country including the competitors of Lowe’s.

Before making any delivery to the customer the company always ensures that the product is tested properly. Additionally, the company also checks the level and usage of the appliance that has been bought by the customer.

The company also ensures that everything required to install the appliance is working properly and is not broken in any manner. The retail company even relocated the old appliance and that also within the same residence. But, there is an exception here: the company will not do any kind of reconnection for the old appliance.

Lowe’s Pro customers get an additional benefit when it comes to exchanging old appliances. The Pro customers get a free haul away and they can recycle the old appliance exclusively at any Lowe’s recycling outlet. Additionally, the American retail company also ensures that there is no extra charge made in such situations.

These are some of the important conditions while making an installation or exchanging an appliance through Lowe’s.

Why does Lowe’s Charge Additional Fee for Installation?

Yes, you have heard it right the American retail company charges an additional installation fee as per the appliance. If the appliance bought is quite huge and heavy then the fee amount is in that condition and vice versa. But, customers of Lowe’s have often asked why does the company charge an additional fee even if they are purchasing from their outlet?

Recently, the officials of Lowe’s have confirmed this query from the customers. The retail company has revealed that the additional fee is charged because the installation is done by the best professionals in that field. The company believes that they provide the best in everything and so does while installing the appliance bought by the customer.

This is because there are many cases where installation is not done properly because of the lack of skills. But, Lowe’s takes good care of this because they provide the best to the customer whenever they purchase any appliance from their store.

Products Where Installation Fee is Charged

We have mentioned above that the company does not charge an additional fee for every appliance. But, there are many appliances where Lowe’s takes some additional fee for installation; they don’t come for free.

Customers who visit their official website will come to know about the products that they charge an additional fee for. Some of the appliances where additional installation charges are as follows:-



Slide-in ranges

Gas Dryers

Range Hoods

Washing Machine

Garbage Disposals

Trash Compactors


These are some of the appliances where the company takes an additional fee for installation from the customers. Interestingly, Lowe’s has also confirmed that these installations can be made by their third-party qualified professionals also.

Moreover, the average fee charged by Lowe’s installation professionals is $30. But, that installation fee might just go up depending on the appliance that the customer is willing to install at their home.

Lowe’s Installation Service

Many customers still prefer to go with Lowe’s installation for any purchased appliances. It is because the installation is done by professionals who will make sure that they are placed well for better usage. The highly popular home service done by Lowe’s is flooring, fencing, countertops, windows, and doors.

Customers while taking the above service found out that the professionals on the field worked quite well. Interestingly, Lowe’s has a separate service for a full home. It is where the professionals come and check whatever is required or should be omitted for better usage.

Overall, the installation service for any product including appliances is very good and lasts long from Lowe’s.


The overall service from the American retail company has never dissatisfied the customers. This is because the company ensures that the quality and the expectation of the customers are met for every product they purchase. Additionally, the company will keep continuing the same in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lowe’s install a water line for refrigerators?

Answer- Yes, the company does install water lines for refrigerators but, not for free, they take some additional fee for the same.

What is the installation charge of the microwave from Lowe’s?

Answer- The installation charge for a microwave ranges from $120 to $160 when the customer is purchasing a new one. But, if they are pro members and willing to dispose of the old microwave then that might cost less.

Do Pro members of Lowe’s get free installation?

Answer- Pro members of Lowe’s get free service in almost all cases but, they are charged while installing some appliances.

Does Lowes Install Appliances?

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