Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy

It is an American Company that works as an e-Commerce as well as Store. According to them, they serve 80 Million USA & Canada Customers a month. Their product ranges from TV, Fridge, Hardware tools, Plumbing items to lumber products. So, if you bought a lumber item and want to return it, or just wanted to know their return policy. Let’s see Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy.

Lowes Lumber Return Policy

Lowe’s Return Policy

If You have bought the product and could not find it good, or not been satisfied with it, you can return it.

There are certain return threshold days limits and a few certain products may get ineligible for the return policy. Here is the full information regarding the return policy of Lowes Lumber products.

There are generally couple of ways through which you can return the item.

Return the Product to a Store near you

  1. The product should be returned within the maximum return threshold time or within the maximum period of returning the product (the threshold period is given below).
  2. Bring the product you bought from Lowes.
  3. Then you can Contact the Customer Success Department  at the Shop near you.
  4. Show the bill/ invoice or any other proof of purchase (Details of proof of purchase document are given below).
  5. You can show the Return Barcode given in the bill/ order details.

Return the Product via Shipping

  1. The product should be returned within the maximum return threshold time (given below).
  2. Put a printed return slip with the product.
  3. Pack the product with it.
  4. Put a Printed Shipping slip/ label on the package or the packaging box.
  5. Ship the returned product via Courier or other Shipping Services.

Return Threshold & Return Eligibility

  • The Product should be unused or should be new in condition.
  • You can return it under 90 days from the date you purchased the product. 90 days is the maximum return threshold period given for the eligible products.
  • Also, You can return it within 365 days, if your purchase was made with a, Lowe’s Business Advantage (LBA), Lowe’s Commercial Account (LCA), Lowe’s Business Rewards (LBR), or Lowe’s Advantage Card (LAC).
  • However, there are exceptions in a few products which can only be returned within 30 days threshold limit (the details about this threshold period are given below).

What is a valid proof of purchase?

The most eligible valid proof of purchase will be the bill or receipt or invoice, which would have been given to you during the purchase of the product.

However, if you have lost it or missed it somewhere, you can show other valid proofs of purchase.

It could be your Credit card details through which your receipt can be retrieved or it can be Your Account Number or your Phone Number or the MyLowe’s Card which also can be used to retrieve the receipt data listed in the Lowes system.

Is it Possible to Return without Valid Proof of Purchase?

Yes, it is possible to return without valid proof of purchase. But it requires a valid Photo ID, it could be your Driving License, or State ID, or Military ID card.

But here Lowe’s has the right to issue a credit for the product’s current value price as the store credit.

Also without a Valid Proof of Purchase, it has the right to limit the number of items to be returned without valid proof, or even it has the right to refuse the returns which didn’t have valid proof of purchase.

Exceptions in Return Policy of Lumbers

Wood Chippers, Hedge trimmers, tillers, Edgers, liquid paints, Chainsaws, must be returned in unopened, new, and original condition within 30 days only. These items do not have 90 days threshold period for return.

Special Orders having personally configured products or personal adaptations added, may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Non-Refundable items

  • Labor and installation charges, which were taken during the time of installing the product you purchased.
  • Delivery and/or Lowe’s shipping charges (unless due to Lowe’s error).
  • Refund cards , In-store credits, , and merchandise cards.
  • Any gift card, including Lowe’s, 3rd- party, Master- Visa Card or American Express or any other gift cards.
  • Safety equipments like face mask or any other face shielding item are out of the eligibility of return.

Is the Reason for the Return of is damaged Product, or Missing items, or a Shipping error?

If you have received a damaged product, or a defective product, or have found, a part missing from it, or any major changes which you didn’t suppose to have while purchasing. Then you can arrange an appointment in your home (to change the product or repair it for free) by contacting Lowe’s customer care at 1-800-445-6937 within three days of receiving the item to report the Shipping/ Delivery error or damages it has.

The Repair will be free, however, if the repair is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty then the charges will be accrued by the customer only.

Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy

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