Does Home Depot Make Window Screens?

Looking for a home improvement retailer in the country then The Home Depot is the best. Many customers have been using their service for a quite long time now. The company is quite famous for serving its customers through various services and products. In the same way, many customers have often asked does The Home Depot makes window screens? If you search it online there might be two different answers either yes or no. But, fortunately, yes, the company does make window screens for the customers. 

Does Home Depot Make Window Screens

Window Screens and its Kits 

The Home Depot or the home improvement company almost takes of everything related to the home. Interestingly, there were many times when the company came up with new services and facilities for the customers. 

Previously, around two-three years back the company did not use to make window screens. Interestingly, the making of window screens has recently been added to the working list from the company. Previously, the company only used to sell and service kits that are used to make window screens. 

But, as of 2021, the situation is very different they make and sell window screens for the customers. Other than that, the company also offers various options to the customer of how and what type of window screens they want. 

But, purchasing or ordering window screens from the company is not an easy process. There is a long process and the company takes some time for the window screen to make and reach the customer. 

Process of Ordering Window Screen 

Ordering or purchasing a window screen from Home Depot is not an easy process. This is because there are no high orders so the company is not directly into the line or making window screens. 

The first step is to make an order to the company and the company will take these as a special offer. The company takes it as a special offer because they are not into the direct line of making. Other than that, the company may take several weeks to receive the order made by the customer. 

But, the company will make the final product as it was asked by the customer. Interestingly, few customers have reported that the company uses good quality raw materials. Other than that, the finished product looks nice and reaches the expectations of the customers. 

The company does have some standard size, color, and other options for the customers. Moreover, looking at them the customer can just make a standard offer as per their requirement. 

This is how a customer willing to make an order can do it through the online website of The Home Depot. Additionally, the process may depend on the window screen size and shape. If a large window screen is ordered at the company then it might take longer than expected time. 

Types of Window Screens At The Home Depot 

The company as a product sells many types and sizes of window screens to the customers. If you visit their official website then the customer may find a long list of types of window screens. Other than that, the company also has heavy discounts on window screens. 

Some of the various types of window screens made available by the home improvement company are as follows:-

  • Screen Frames 
  • Frame Kits for window screens
  • Rolls of window screens
  • Screen Fabric
  • Browns or Tans
  • Pre Framed Screens

These are some of the various types and additional kits sold by the company to the customers. Other than these, the company that sells its product to Home Depot is the best. There are six-seven companies that sell window screens to Home Depot for further selling. 

Some of the companies that sell their window screens to The Home Depot are as follows:-

  • Phifer
  • Prime-Line
  • Anderson
  • Saint-Gobain
  • DocaScreen

These are some of the highest-selling window screens at The Home Depot. Interestingly, Prime Line is the company that sends most of its window screens at the home depot’s outlet. 


The Home Depot has always been a very active company when it comes to solving any problem. The company has always brought up products and services that are related to home improvement. Other than that, the company now serves nearly everything to the customers. So, that way the customers do not have any problem purchasing from the company. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How to apply for a job at The Home Depot?

Answer- The application form and all the other process has been mentioned on the official website. 

  1. Does Walmart own The Home Depot?

Answer- No, Walmart does not own The Home Depot or any of its other subsidiaries. 

  1. How and when do the employees or workers at The Home Depot get paid?

Answer- On average any employee working at The Home Depot gets paid $12 an hour. Additionally, all the employees are getting paid in a bi-weekly format. 

Does Home Depot Make Window Screens?

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