What is Subway? – Know More

What is Subway? Well, serving the freshest and best quality submarine sandwiches, wraps, salads, and beverages that a customer can ask for. With 50 years of history serving the customer with crisp, juicy, and garden-fresh naturally delicious submarine sandwiches.

Subway is one stop that serves the best quality sandwich any customer wants to taste. Satisfy that crazy binge of the natural taste of a sandwich which makes your day fresh and new with every bite that you take.

What is Subway

Details about Subway:


  • It is the oldest fast-food serving chain in the USA. From submarine sandwiches to drinks that give the best natural fresh experience to the customer.
  • Founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck.
  •  From its founding to this day, it has become the largest multi-national fast-food serving chain worldwide. 
  • It operates in more than 100 countries, serving the original submarine sandwich.
  • Spreading the motto “Eat Fresh-The Way A Sandwich Should Be Eaten”. Which has been the official line of Subway for its way of serving only fresh ingredients in the food they offer. 
  • Its intellectual property restaurant system is owned by Subway IP Inc.
  • Franchise operations are run by the FWH Technologies LLC by Subway point of sales software.


  • It roots go back to 50 years in the USA.
  • It was founded jointly by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck initially with an investment of $1000.
  • Its name was shortened from Pete’s Sub to Subway as we today know it.
  • The first franchise opened in Wallingford in 1974.
  • It has since been growing and increasing to today with 37500 stores around the world.


  • Regular sandwich is 7/6 in the USA, the menu includes classic submarine sandwiches, salads, wraps, cookies, beverages.
  • Its usual inches sandwiches include Baja chicken and bacon, chicken bacon and ranch, All-American club, Roasted beef.
  • Subway Classics include the Tuna, Sweet onion chicken teriyaki, Steak, and cheese, Subway club, Steak Cali fresh, Spicy Italian, Turkey Cali fresh. 
  • Wraps include Asiago Caesar, Buffalo chicken, Black Forest ham, cold cut combo, Italian B.M.T. 
  • Salads include Baja chicken and bacon, Chicken and bacon ranch, All-American club, Baja steak with jack, Black Forest Ham, Buffalo chicken, Cold cut combo, Italian B.M.T, Meatball Marinara, Oven-roasted turkey, etc.
  •   Drinks include 1% low-fat milk, Coca-Cola fountain soda, Dasani, Gatorade, Honest kids, Hubert lemonade, simply orange juice, gold peak, Vitamin water, X2 sports drink, 12 oz coffee.
  • Some side dishes include Musselman’s apple sauce, Chips, and cookies. 
  • Also bringing out its gluten-free bread loaf and brownies. As well as reducing its salt content up to 33% and plans further to reduce its range of low fats.

Global Presence:

  • Since its founding, Subway has grown multiple times over the years.
  • In 1996 Subway had over 300 shops in 29 countries.
  • By mid-1998 it had grown doubled to 602 stores in over 62 countries.
  • In 1997 Subway opened the 100th fresh fast-food restaurant in Australia.
  • Adapting to every region’s culture and taste, Subway has integrated various religious variations in which it operates.
  • By early 2000 Subway became the first USA quick-serve fast-food restaurant chain in Tanzania.
  • Subway in 2001 had 15000 restaurants around the world. Surpassing McDonald’s in 2002 as the biggest fast-food restaurant chain in the world.
  • To current time Subway continues to maintain its honor as the best fresh fast-food serving restaurant chain in the world.


  • It has sponsored several events since 2002.
  • It has contributed to the NASCAR race from 2002-2014. Which include Subway 400, Subway 500, Subway Fresh 500, and the Subway Firecrackers 250.
  • In 2008 it made a special $5-foot-long submarine sandwich, which was an instant hit and was the most profitable promotional product.
  •  In early 2017, an Italian hero was advertised as the “The Sandwich King” to promote a fresh authentic fast-food chain.
  • Refresh campaign was launched in mid-2021 for advertisement. 


Taste the best quality of submarine sandwich that you have ever tasted. They bring the natural and garden-fresh food that you will ever taste with every bite rich in flavors and delight making your day refreshing and nutrition full. So, make your day an adventure that brings you the joy and energy that you need to get going.

Subway has become the classic and the oldest fast-food serving chain in the world, founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck as Pete’s Sub. Growing to a worldwide fast-food chain that we know today. It servers every flavor a customer wants from sandwiches to salads. The ingredients are picked garden-fresh so that every sandwich is made with utmost freshness. Subway is a one-stop for all your sandwich. 

What is Subway? – Know More

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