Are perfumes real?

In this article, we will see Are perfumes real? has been a high on-demand trusted online shopping site since 1997. It has around 17000 genuine, authentic and trustworthy brands named fragrances, makeups, skincare, candles, and aromatherapy for its customers. is a perfect place for people who love to enjoy luxurious brands but believe in savings and shop with good discounts.

Are perfumes real?

This is a New York-based company in the United States with 2.8 ratings from about 106 customers on Google. That is neither too good nor too bad. No one can guess the exact smell or fragrance of any product just by reading the description. The fragrance is meant to feel, smell, inhale then be bought. That’s the correct way to buy any fragrance or aroma-related products, buying them online just by reading the description can many times disappoint us because we can not guess the exact smell of the aroma inside the bottle of perfume, or candles, or any other products.

Sales and profit of

According to data, has sold more than one billion dollar products and has exported over 30 million parcels. According to records, the global net sales of have been USD 431.8 million in 2020 with #3130 Global Rank in 2021. Information says that the Annual Revenue of has been USD 75.06 million. is the ideal destination for those who want to purchase for high-end brands but still want to save money. Performance Socially

Records say almost 14.2 million people visited and traffic has increased by 33.50% after October 2021. It is also a social star with a blue tick on all its social media pages like Instagram and Twitter. With about 116k followers on Instagram and 23.3k followers on Twitter. People tend to follow to get their desired products with almost 80% discount.

Perfumes at

That unique, delicate, fresh, aromatic, sweet, refreshing smell which we love to wear on our body to smell good is perfume. And provides a variety of 17000 different smelling perfumes, each with a different fragrance, odor, aroma, and scents. Some with the sweet smell of flowers, some with the flavor of lemon, some in form of deodorant, some with artificial smell, and some with natural refreshing smell. A different bottle of perfume you open will deliver a different story of fragrance.

Few Positive reviews from customers of

Few regular customers say that they are buying products for several years and they have received authentic bottles of perfume in every purchase with a discount of 50% on expensive brands.

Many of them commented that they received quality products, and they often shop from

Customers complimented that when they found a few bottles of perfume missing and when they contacted customer service, their issues were solved and they did receive the missing bottles.

Consumers complimented for providing them with brilliant perfume fragrance and stylish packaging.

Fee Non-Positive comments by customers of

Few complaints that they didn’t receive the product on time, the customer service number never responded.

Some of them commented that they received late delivery and the number of bottles was less than what they have ordered.

People complain that many times the packaging of the product is different from what they show in pictures.

Few of them didn’t like the fragrance of the perfume they ordered.

Many are not happy and satisfied with the customer service department of

Are perfumes real? is already a trusted brand in the US and have lakhs of daily visitors, and according to researchers is a trustworthy brand and the perfume they sell is originally and authentic because a fraud can’t stay in market competition for a long period and is in the market since 1997 that’s almost 24 years. And soon it will be celebrating its Silver Jubilee meaning that it would probably have more offers for customers during its 25th anniversary.

It’s true one can not judge any product by just reading the description and going through the reviews. It’s better to have one own experience because there are different kinds of people living around just like five fingers in one hand our different same goes with the choice of people’s. If we take the example of seafood then some people love eating seafood and they can eat them on daily basis but many can’t even resist the smell of seafood. So people who like seafood will give a 5-star rating in any restaurant and those who can’t stand its smell will rate it 0.


So it’s clear one can not impress or please every person. But overall according to customers responses perfumes are real and authentic.

Are perfumes real?

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