Does USPS Ship To Japan?

The United States Postal Service is an organization, independent of the government of the United States. The United States Postal Service deals in the mailing of letters the meaning of packages delivering mail and even sorting they sell postal products; the postal products include stamps commemorative and some mailing supplies. It has been permitted by the United States constitution directly. The head office of the United States Postal Service is in Washington, DC, United States of America. The United States Postal Service is a huge business enterprise that is being owned and operated by the federal government of the United States. See Does USPS Ship To Japan?

Does USPS Ship To Japan?

Foundation of The United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service was founded by the United States Congress on first July 1971 in Washington, DC, United States.

The CEO and chairman of the USPS

The chief executive officer of USPS is Louis de joy, who is also the 75th postmaster general of the United States. Louis is an American businessman. He has been graduated from Stetson University. Mike Duncan is the chairman of the USPS and David Williams is the vice-chairman of USPS.

The United States Postal Service is an international mail service that ships to more than 180 countries in the world, including countries like Australia Britain Canada, Japan, and many more. The USPS serves its services in Japan with mainly 5 types of shipping services.

How does USPS ships packages to Japan?

The United States Postal Service ships packages to Japan by transporting the packages to the Customs administration of Japan from where the packages are sent to Japan’s postal service for the delivery of the packages to the required person. You can choose the service best suitable for you depending upon your limit of time and money.

What are the types of shipping services provided by USPS to Japan?

The USPS has 3 International mail and shipping services for :

Priority mail express International

Priority Mail International

Global express guaranteed

First-class package International service

First-class mail international

The Global express guaranteed:

The Global express guaranteed is the most expensive and fastest mail service of USPS. They come with a money-back warranty. It takes more than two business days for shipping internationally.

Weight limit: 70 lbs

Cost 1 lb 41.00

The Priority mail express International :

The Priority mail express International is the second most expensive service of USPS and it takes 3 to 5 business days to ship internationally. They also come with a money-back warranty.

Weight limit:66 lbs.

Cost : 1 lb -10.38 USD

Priority Mail International :

Priority Mail International is also a very common and suitable option for mail services internationally as it ships things in just 6 to 7 business days and that too within an average budget

Weight limit: 66 lbs

Cost : 1 lb- 7.3 USD

First-class package International :

First-class package International service ships services to places internationally depending upon the distance of the destination. It is the best service for you if you are looking forward to a cheap transaction with nearly no fast time limit. It can approximately take 10 to 13 days to ship packages to Japan.

Weight limit: 4 lb.

Cost : 1lb-4.00 USD

First-class mail international :

First-class mail international is the cheapest of all the above options. If you don’t care about how many days it takes for your package to get shipped from the united states to Japan, then you can surely go for this option.

Weight limit :1 lb.

Cost : 1lb-1.30 USD

Besides the international services, USPS provides some other services to Japan.

They are :

priority me letters which can take an age to 10 days for delivery

SAM: Space Available Mail -They take up to 9 to 12 days for delivery to Japan

Surface parcels- They take 30 to 45 days to transfer parcels to Japan from the USA.


This article tries to give every information about USPS as a postal service company, where it is based, the number of countries this company ships to, budget in which service can be provided. It gives an insight into how shipping is done to countries and especially Japan, the cost at which shipping can be done. The article is divided into two parts, the first part of article broadly deals with the company USPS and the second part of the article is based on does USPS ships to Japan and if yes how it is done, how much time it takes to be shipped and what is the cost associated to it.


Does USPS ship to Japan in the year 2021?

No, the company has stopped all its services in 2021 due to the outbreak of covid -19. It will most probably resume its services after the normal conditions prevail.

Is USPS a government-owned company?

No, USPS is not completely government-owned but it is and managed by the federal government.

In how many days does USPS deliver its packages?

The shipment and delivery vary from place to place but on average it takes two to eight days to deliver the package.

Does USPS Ship To Japan?

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