Does USPS sell money orders?

The United States Postal Service is an unbiased company of the govt department of the US federal authorities chargeable for offering postal providers withinside the United States, consisting of its insular regions and related states. It is one of the few authorities companies explicitly legal through the US Constitution. The USPS has 516,636 professional personnel and 136,531 non-professionals.In this article, we will see Does USPS sell money orders?

Does USPS sell money orders?

If yes, then how does it makes money orders? How to sell money orders? Can we sell money orders overseas? Does it’s service only for domestic customers? How to check the money status from USPS? How to get compensation if money was lost, or stolen, or sent to the wrong post? How to cancel the money order? How to request a refund from USPS?

In this article, I will try to give confidential information. You can take benefit from it and solve your problem.

Benefits of sending from USPS

Money orders through USPS are safer than the postal systems.

Money orders are affordable.

It is widely accepted.

Money orders through USPS never expire.

Money order receipt generated. With the help of the money order receipt, it is easier to track the orders and check the frauds.

We have certified proof if our money orders are stolen, lost or wrong post.

What is a money order?

The money order is a legal document that can be purchased in varying amounts. It is similar to legal currency. A money order can be purchased from the post office, rural carriers, and contract stations. To check the availability, we have to call the contract office. After paying a fixed amount, we can purchase it.

How to purchase money orders?

The single domestic money order limit is 1,000 dollars while 700 dollars for international money orders.

We can purchase multiple money orders at a single time.

If you purchase money orders of more than 3000 dollars, you have to sign a form with an acceptable ID produced.

There is a fee for purchasing the money orders:

If the dollar amount is between 0.01 to 500, the fee charged is 1.45 dollars.

If the dollar amount is between 500.01 to 1000, the fee is 1.95 dollars.

The fee charged is 0.50 dollars for military money orders issued by military facilities.

How to check whether the money order is fake or not?

On the left side, there are watermarks of Ben Franklin.

On the right side of the money order, a vertical, multicolored thread with USPS word weaves in and out of the paper.

If the dollar amount is faded, then it indicates fraud.

Make sure the dollar amount is twice imprinted.

How to send money domestically or internationally?

Decide the money amount you have to purchase or send.

Go to any local post office.

We can use cash, debit card, or check for payment. We can not use a credit card for payment.

Fill the money order at the counter with the retail associate.

Pay the money with issuing fee of 10.50 dollars (international orders) and a processing fee depending on which country you are sending your order in case of international money orders.

If you purchase money orders of more than 3000 dollars, you have to sign a form with an acceptable ID produced.

After the money is sent, a receipt generates.

Keep that receipt with you that will help you to track the money order.

How to cash out the money orders?

Money orders never expire. At any time, we can cash out the money orders.

We should not sign the money order.

Take the money order with receipt (optional), photo ID (must require) to the nearby post office.

We have to sign the money order in the presence of a retail associate at the counter.

We can cash them at particular shops and banks.

Charges are 0.

How to check the status of money orders?

For checking the money orders, you need the following information:

Dollar amount.

Serial number.

Post office numbers on the receipt, generated during the money order, were purchased.

We can see the status of money orders via money orders applications.

How do we get compensation for lost or stolen money orders?

We have to confirm the money order is theft or lost within 30 days.

In case of an investigation, the time limit can extend to 60 days.

We have to pay 6.95 dollars processing fee to get a new money order as compensation.

If the money orders are damaged, you will get your replacement at the postal office. Take damaged money order with your receipt.


In this article, we have seen that the United States Postal Service started selling money orders.

USPS is a trusted company in the USA. It helps to send money orders within the country or outside the country. It provides a refund to its customers if any fraud happens to them. It has served the people for many years. You can also sell money orders using the steps given above.


Does USPS sell money orders?

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