When Does Target Restock?

Target is an American supermarket chain that is popular for having everything. From a pin to a week’s worth of groceries, you can find all that you need at Target. If you’ve been to Target and what you wanted was out of stock, then learning their restock timings is useful. If you visit them right after they restock, you can avoid the sticky out of stock situation that can get very frustrating. 

When Does Target Restock?

If you are a regular at your local Target store, make sure to memorize or keep a note of their restock timings. You don’t want to make a trip all the way to the store and come back without completing your grocery list. Before the pandemic hit, Target used to restock every Monday or Tuesday and every Thursday and Friday. But the coronavirus pandemic caused a steep increase in demand for groceries. It has been ongoing for almost two years now and there are still dangerous variants that we have to beware of.

So, to fulfill this demand, Target now restocks its essential supplies every single day excluding Sunday. You might not have to worry about going there at a time before restocking either, because most Target stores restock their supplies overnight. As it is a popular brand, items get sold faster than usual. If you want to get ahead of things, going there a bit earlier will help. Other items that are larger in size are restocked every two to three weeks. For the items sold online on the Target website, there is no restock schedule mentioned. If you’re interested in their online items, signing up with them will help you get notifications every time they restock. 

Timings Of Restocking 

  • Target stores normally restock their items overnight. This would be anywhere between 12 am to 6 am, which are not regular store visiting hours. Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Target has been making sure to keep up with the demand for daily groceries and other essential items. For the heavier items, the restock days will be Monday and Friday. 
  • The frequency of restocking items also depends on how busy the local Target store that is closest to you is. If it is very busy, it will restock almost every day. If it is not, it will restock around two to three times a week. However, they will make sure essential items are in stock, so you will not have to worry about running out of things like toilet paper. 
  • Since the pandemic, most of the Target stores have been receiving at least one shipment of essential goods a day. Items that are high in demand like household items run out of stock sooner. The employees at Target may not know when exactly the items are being restocked either, so asking them might not be helpful. Checking the store website will help with knowing the items currently in their inventory. 
  • If you are ordering online, they will ship you the items when the store is restocked. If the order is not urgent, you will not need to worry about their restocking schedule. They will make sure to deliver all your items. 

What About Fresh Groceries?

If you want particular groceries such as vegetables and fruits, meat, and other items to be fresh, Target does consider that aspect as well. It restocks these perishable goods either early in the morning or late at night so that customers can have their pick of fresh food. This element of restocking depends on the store and where it is located. If you are extremely particular about wanting fresh groceries, you can refer to the employees at that particular Target store. They will be informed and in a better position to help you out. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Target?

As mentioned before, a lot of Target stores restock every Monday or Tuesday and every Thursday or Friday. But, restocking items is subjective, and it varies from store to store considering factors like demand, frequency of purchase, and distribution centers. You can contact the Target store you go to, and find out when the items you want are in stock.

The situation changes according to state laws and pandemic regulations, so make sure to keep up to date regarding timings and restock days. If you are looking for specific timings where the store would be relatively free, you can refer to Maps on Google. When and how busy a store is will be mentioned, making things easy for you. 


People usually go to Target for a shopping experience that is stress free. You will not need to stand in long queues when you visit Target. You can finish your grocery shopping faster. The store keeps updating its services, such as adjusting store hours, introducing payment options that are contactless, and improving its online delivery service. They make everything convenient for their customers, and you can always contact them if you have any more queries. Happy Shopping! 

When Does Target Restock?

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