Does Dollar General Sell Flowers?

Dollar General is both a supermarket and a store. They sell all kinds of things like groceries, toys, stationery, clothes, pet supplies, makeup products, etc. They sell goods at a moderately low price. Does Dollar General Sell Flowers?

Does Dollar General Sell Flowers?

Do they sell flowers?

People love shopping at Dollar General. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or any special occasion, giving flowers is a way to show your compassion, love, and care. The store can provide bouquets and flowers at a cheaper price. Flowers are expensive these days, and that may get a little heavy on your wallet. In that case, you can get your hands on some awesome deals at Dollar General.

Flowers bloom in the spring and summer seasons, and at this time, Dollar General offers fresher flowers. These seasons are also popular for wedding celebrations. So, there are higher chances of you getting better offers. The store doesn’t only sell seasonal flowers but also artificial flowers and bouquets at a much more affordable price.

Stores like Target and Walmart’s range is higher than that of Dollar General. Normally, the fresher flowers would cost up to $70, starting at a range of $24–$34, completely depending upon the type of flower. These flowers are also sold with a vase. Roses could range from $60 to $100 at some stores. You may find yourself paying $2 or $7 per flower. But it’s not the same price as at Dollar General.

Price Ranges

Dollar General has inexpensive flowers. The price ranges are:

Bouquets cost $5-$7.

A single flower costs between $1 and $2.

$1-$5 for artificial flowers

Well, not only that, you can buy customized flower bouquets too, as they do sell individual flowers. But when it’s not the season or any special occasion going on, you may find that only some selected dollar general stores sell flowers at that time. Anyway there are a variety of flowers at the store throughout the year. But you may discover a wider range of styles only occasionally.

Affordable price

Dollar General sells different varieties of flowers. All these flowers can be customized as well if bought individually. During Valentine’s season and on occasions like Mother’s Day, all stores are adorned with flowers, bouquets, and vase flowers. If you are going to buy a dozen roses or any other flowers, you might as well find a discount and see if the price drops around any one of the seasons.

Two dozen is equal to 24 flowers, and it usually costs somewhere around $60-$110 depending upon the type of flower, colour, season, and whether you are getting it customized or not. However, these prices fall; for example, a dozen flowers or roses can be purchased for $16 at the starting price. Many supermarkets buy flowers in bulk and at a cheaper price, so they are sold at affordable prices too. That is why stores like Dollar General sell low-priced goods.

Flowers are not only bought during specific seasons; they can be sold at any time of the year. Some people like to give flowers, and they want this giving ritual to be more meaningful and memorable. Assuming that the customer wants the flowers to last for a long period, but fresh flowers won’t, giving artificial flowers is a better alternative.

Why shop at Dollar General?

A Dollar general store reaches out to people and locations where other supermarkets can’t. The stores are mostly situated in rural areas of the USA.

There are more than 1700 stores in all 46 states throughout America.

People like shopping here because they have fewer options, or maybe no other option at all. It’s easy for people in those areas to access food and many essential items needed in day-to-day life.

It is a low-cost supermarket.

You can use both digital and paper coupons at the store.

The stores are located far away from the population. You might find one on a remote road. That’s because they are easily accessible to the people of the towns of America.


Shopping at Dollar General is easy and budget-friendly. You can buy flowers at an extremely low price. You can purchase flowers as needed, whether they are artificial, fake, or fresh. Ranging from $1-$6 for an individual flower and bouquet, $2-47.


Can I buy flowers online from General Dollar?

Yes, you can buy flowers at the store as well as online. There is a lot of variety and a lot to select from, both in-store and online.

What types of flowers are available at Dollar General?

A good number of flowers are available at the store, and that includes sunflowers, hibiscus, gerbera daisies, French hydrangea, and more.

Is Dollar General a good store for purchasing flowers?

Yes, it is. They have a wider range of styles to pick from. You can design your bouquet as you wish. The artificial flowers from the store last for more than 3 months.

Does Dollar General Sell Flowers?

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