Amazon Hub Locker

Secure and protect your package and item with a top locker that you can ask for. From your ordered items to the delivery package to gifts it protects everything with kiosk level security. Making saving time more convenient and easier to manage. Make efficiency your priority with a locker that is always ready and safe to use. With Amazon hub locker always ready on the way towards your destination whether it’s a birthday party gift or family gathering, your package will be ready for you on the go in nearby Amazon hub in your choice of locker. Forget waiting for it to arrive at home, and make efficiency your way. Details of the Amazon hub locker are given below. 

Amazon Hub Locker

Details about Amazon hub locker:


  • Amazon hub locker is the best place your package for security, allowing customers the choice to pick up their goods and items at their convenience.
  • With the kiosk level standards,it is a self-service locker a customer can use to protect their packages and items.
  •  With over 900 hubs around the USA, Amazon offers customers the best safe self-pickup location on their way to the destination.
  • Make time management a priority for the customer.

Q-How to use Amazon hub locker?

  • The customers are to simply add its location into their address book in Amazon account which is convenient to their place, destination, or on the way to the office.
  • When checking out of the Amazon cart, customer needs to select the Amazon hub locker nearest and convenient to them as their delivery destination and checkout by making payment.
  • The customer will receive a 6-digit unique code to their email for unlocking it with their package.
  • Ordered products and items are delivered within 2-4 days of order in the choice of Amazon hub locker location.
  • The Prime customer receives the package items within 1-2 days for their orders to their Amazon hub locker.   

Q-What items are valid to use.

  • Ordered items and products must be 16x12x14 inches and must weigh less than 10 pounds for them to be placed in the Amazon hub locker.
  • Items such as mattresses and furniture don’t qualify to be kept in Amazon locker.
  • The customer can use it to keep mails and letters or any other item that is within the required limitation of Amazon standards.
  • Items such as whole foods products, letters, small electronics, and books.
  • Customers are given information on the app at ordering time if the product or item is valid for the Amazon hub locker.   

Q-How to return an item when using Amazon hub locker?

  • If a product or an item is valid for return, the customer can return the item at any Amazon hub locker location.
  • First, they have to select the item to be returned and choose the hub location.
  • Second, they need to reach the hub and return the product or item to the Amazon associate at the hub to process it and accept the return.
  • Return will only be accepted if the product or item is in its return window given on the Amazon app in the order section.
  • All products and items are inspected and checked before accepting the return.


  • A customer living in cities and urban areas in the apartment with no or less secure mailboxes, can have their package or goods delivered to their nearest Amazon locker for safekeeping and take it at their convenience.
  • With multi-city locations of hubs, the customers can opt for a better delivery location to manage and save time.
  • With Amazon hub locker the customers are able to collect their items and package at their convenience whether it on weekend or evening or holiday.
  • Amazon hub locker has Kiosk level security.
  • With a self-serving model, the Amazon hub locker gives the customer the efficiency to manage their time, by delivering the products and items faster than home delivery.
  • Customer can easily have their package on the go to their office or home.    


Make time saving and management a priority with Amazon hub locker. With 900 hubs all across the USA, Amazon locker is becoming more convenient. Getting your ordered product or item at your convince on the go, be it your office or home, whether it’s on weekend or evening or on a holiday, it can be used anytime.

Amazon locker provides Kiosk-level security to the locker making it more secure and protect. The customer is provided with a 6-digits unique security key for their locker, to open and receive the package. Amazon hub lockers are made to keep packages under 16x12x14 inches and packages must not weigh more than 10 pounds. Use Amazon locker and make time management your priority.     

Amazon Hub Locker

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