Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Balloons are a common party decoration, but they can be difficult to inflate, especially with gases such as helium.

Because Walmart sells balloons and provides a range of convenience services, you might be wondering if they blow up balloons. Here’s everything starting from calling Walmart!

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Is Walmart still blowing up balloons in 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart does blow up balloons in a tiny number of its stores. Walmarts that offer this service charge about $0.25 per balloon and only sell Walmart-purchased blow-up balloons. Furthermore, Walmart sells helium tanks that may be purchased in-store for do-it-yourself balloon filling.

Keep perusing to observe a Walmart close to you that offers this help, the amount it expenses to explode an inflatable, and options in contrast to Walmart.

What is the most effective way to see whether your nearby Walmart sells inflatables?

Because only a small percentage of Walmart stores blow up balloons, you should check with your local Walmart ahead of time to see if they provide this service.

To do as such, utilize the Walmart Store Finder to get the contact data and active times for Walmart areas close to you.

Which Balloons Does Walmart Inflate?

Latex and Mylar balloons of various shapes and sizes can be inflated at Walmart.

It should be noted, however, that these balloons must be purchased from Walmart locations in order for the business to blow them up.

What is the Cost to Blow Up Walmart Balloons?

Walmart stores (which offer balloon inflation services) charge about $0.25 per balloon.

This charge, be that as it may, fluctuates dependent on the size and kind of inflatable you need to be expanded. Because larger balloons necessitate more helium, you will be charged an additional fee for each piece.

Does Walmart re-inflate balloons purchased elsewhere?

This service is only available at Walmart stores that sell balloons purchased from the same or a separate Walmart store.

This charge, in any case, changes fundamentally dependent on the scale and type of inflatable you want to be swelled. Larger balloons require more helium, therefore you will be charged an additional fee for each piece.

What Should You Do If Your Local Walmart Doesn’t Carry Blown-Up Balloons?

If your neighborhood Walmart does now no longer promote balloons, you should buy a Balloon Time Helium tank in-shop or online at Walmart. These are simple to operate and can swiftly inflate a huge number of balloons.

Helium tanks range in price from $23.88 to $54.99, depending on the amount of helium required and the number of balloons to be inflated. Some Helium tanks include a set of balloons, whereas others do not.

A common helium tank supplied at Walmart has a capacity of 14.9 cubic feet, which is enough to fill fifty 9″ latex balloons and twenty-seven 11″ latex balloons.

Is Sam’s Club capable of inflating balloons?

Unfortunately, as of 2022, Sam’s Club (a subsidiary of Walmart) prohibits the use of helium balloons in any of its locations. Sam’s Club, on the other hand, sells Balloon Time Helium tanks, which may be used to fill helium balloons yourself.

Where Else Can You Get Balloons Blown Up?

If the nearest Walmart stores do not provide the service of blowing up balloons, you can go to one of the following locations:

Kroger: You may have your balloons inflated in the florist department of any Kroger grocery store. It is not necessary to purchase balloons from Kroger in order to get them inflated, and each latex balloon will cost around $1, and each Mylar balloon will cost between $2 and $8. (depending on size)

Meijer: Go to the florist section to have your balloons inflated. Meijer, like Kroger, does not compel customers to purchase balloons from its stores and charges $1 for latex balloons and $3-$8 for Mylar balloons. 

Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only are also inexpensive stores.

To discover more, check to see if Dollar General fills helium balloons if Publix blows up balloons and if Walgreens blows up balloons.

Conclusion: Is it true that Walmart sells inflated balloons?

Walmart does, in fact, blow up balloons, but only in a tiny number of its locations. As a result, you should always contact your local store ahead of time to inquire about this service. Depending on the size and type of balloon, stores that sell it charge roughly $0.25 per balloon or more.

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

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