Does Best Buy Ship To PO Boxes?

Best Buy Co. Inc. is an American electronics retailer with headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. Mr. Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler started it in 1966. It is the world’s largest consumer electronics shop, with 125,000 employees, and is always on the lookout for new people to join the family. Aside from being the go-to place for customers’ electronic needs, Best Buy offers consumers many delivery options based on the location and size of the merchandise. In case you are wondering if among the delivery options offered by Best buy, is shipping to PO boxes one of them, I have got you.  Keep reading to know all on does Best Buy ship to PO Boxes.

Does Best Buy Ship To PO Boxes?

Does Best Buy Ship To PO Boxes?

According to the latest delivery options offered by Best Buy, shipping to PO boxes is one of the. 

Even though there are limitations based on the weight of the order, the object being transported, and where it is to be shipped, Best Buy does ship to PO Boxes

Restrictions may include circumstances such as items weighing more than 30 kilograms, for example, will only be available at the local courier pick-up depot, dangerous products and things with a set delivery date cannot be sent to a PO Box, etc.

How Does Shipping To PO Boxes Work?

Best Buy offers shipment to PO Boxes to customers who shop using the Best Buy’s website- (A destination contract applies to goods purchases made through This means that the risk of loss and title for these items transfer to you when the carrier delivers them to your ship-to address, and Best Buy is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage that occurs after delivery.)

It is important to remember, however, that delivery to PO Boxes is subject to limits, which means that all the PO Box shipment requests may not be accepted. These limits may be based on weight, size, and supplier constraints. All these aspects play a role in delivery restrictions to PO Boxes.

Furthermore, a few things, like scheduled delivery items, bulky products, and unsafe commodities like batteries, may need a civic address and delivery to a P.O. Box may be rejected.

If you request shipping to a PO Box and receive a shipping alert, Best Buy will provide you with additional delivery options. If you specify a PO Box as the mailing address for one of these items, your cart will display a shipping notice with alternate options.

When It Comes To Shipping, Who Does Best Buy Use?

To ship merchandise purchased by customers, Best Buy uses major carriers such as- 

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS

Additionally, in some locations, Best Buy may use the following services to deliver the orders-

  • OnTrac
  • Deliv
  • Lone Star Overnight (LSO)
  • Geodis 

Once shipping with these carriers is completed, customers may be obliged to use Best Buy’s alternate locations. The following are some of the possible alternate pick-up locations:

  • FedEx stores 
  • UPS facilities
  • Walgreens
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Michaels
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Select independent retailers in your area

Where Do Orders From Best Buy Ship From?

Best Buy appears to ship from its store locations, distribution facilities, and warehouse pickup sites. While there is no official list of Best Buy distribution center locations, the company claims to have a large number of facilities on the East Coast and the West Coasts.

It is wholly conditional on what you are ordering as to where your order will be shipped from. A giant home theatre, for example, will be stored in a warehouse and sent from there. Smaller articles, like USB cables or chargers, are more likely to be shipped from a Best Buy location.


Best buy does offer delivery and shipment to their customers’ PO Boxes. 

However, there are certain terms and conditions applicable to this service, such as not all things can be delivered to your PO Box. There are a few restrictions applied on the basis of the weight, size, schedule of delivery, etc. 

Best buy uses a variety of carriers and services to get your product delivered to you, all of them being very safe and promising delivery service providers. 

Best Buy, nevertheless, will provide alternate shipping choices if a request is not qualified for PO Box shipping.


  • Is Canada Post a shipment service used by Best Buy?

Yes, Canada Post is Best Buy’s most often utilized courier in Canada. You must specify a highway number or a physical street address if you want Canada Post to ship your orders to a PO Box or a rural route location.

It is worth noting that anything weighing more than 30kg can’t be delivered to your PO Box; instead, they will be sent to your closest pick-up depot.

  • What is the cost of delivery?

According to Best Buy’s website, the cost of shipping is computed on a “per order,” “per item,” or “per pound” basis, depending on the shipping method you choose. They occasionally provide free delivery for certain shipping options in specific categories or free shipping across the entire site.

Does Best Buy Ship To PO Boxes?

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