Petsmart Senior Discount

Superstore for pets that is PETsMART is an American private industry, founded by Jim Dougherty on 14th August 1986. The main headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. Pet food selling and accessories are the services that the company offers. It also includes pet grooming, dog day-care, dog and cat boarding, dog training, and veterinary services in-store third-party clinics. Pets are considered part of the family. Thus, the brand refocussed their branding pet parents and renamed PETsMART to drive more sales in 2005. In this article, we will discuss on PetSmart Senior discount.

Petsmart Senior Discount

What is PetSmart Senior Discount?

PetSmart provides numerous offers and discounts for their customers to retrench their finances for their pets. A senior discount will help the older owners of the pets for their animals. In 2021, it proposes a 10% discount to its regular customers and also provides services like Grooming Saloon on Tuesday and a stay at night in PetSmart Pet hotels. The discount is valid only for the services and not for the purchase of the products on their store/website. Not necessarily, each store provides its senior discount services only on Tuesday, thus to avail the offer assisting and inquiring with their local store would be preferred. 

PetsHotel Discount Criteria – 

Health, Safety, and Care are the number one priority of the company. According to their website PetSmart Hotels i.e., PetsHotel issues a 10% senior discount for overnight boarding. 

  1. An owner shall be aged 65 above and possess a proof identity card for the confirmation of their age to make benefit from the offer.
  2. For the service, the pet shall be 4 months of age to be admitted.
  3. Provision of the basic overnight stay at PetSmart Hotels. 
  4. No discounts on the purchase of the products.
  5. It allows only one senior discount per stay.
  6. Under the licensed veterinarian, the pet shall be vaccinated at least 48 hours before the arrival in the center with written proof. Nevertheless, the company prefers 10-14 days before the vaccination to ensure maximal efficiency. 
  7. All the pets shall be vaccinated and free from fleas and ticks, any signs of fleas and ticks will not be permitted to their PetsHotel, Day-care, and Overnight Boards.
  8. Pet parents shall fill out certain forms before the pet’s visit.
  9. Check-in and confirm with your local PetSmart center for any other local requirements.    

What Services are provided at PetsHotel?

The ultimate staycation for your pets includes – safe and secure habitat, hygiene, temperature-controlled environment, playtime, exercise, and nutrient-rich food & amazing pet-loving staff will make your pet entertained with lots of attention & care just as they were at home. There are different types of accommodations and packages for the guests. 


Private Suite

To create a more peaceful and private environment which are perfect for multiple pets in the family, large suites are separated from the standard rooms, and these rooms are disinfected and sanitized daily. It also includes raised cot, a white noise machine, and a Tv tuned with pet-favoured shows. 

Standard Guest Room

A comfortable room which is an open-air spacious atrium – cleaned & sanitized daily, embellished with the hypoallergenic bed linen.

Kitten Cottage

These cottages are sanitized and washed daily and are kept separate from the dog guests. If you have more than one pet, these cottages are also available with the connecting doors. They are well furnished and cozy for your kitties. It also incorporates a TV with different programs to keep your cats curious and entertained. All kitty cottages have plenty of TLC time.

 Packages with Bundled offers 

Silver package

According to the website, this package consists of 4 hours of play, socialization & enrichment, or 30 minutes up to of one-on-one fun.

Gold Package 

The gold package consists double of the hours of the silver package i.e. 8 hours of play & socialization with 60 minutes of one-on-one fun.

Platinum Package

This package is the same as the gold package in addition to a homecoming bath to make your pet feel fresh and amazing before going home (conditions – short hair breeds with hair less than 2″). All stay, play with snack packages are considerable & eminent for your pets to get entertained and be active along with their stay in private/standard or atrium rooms. 

How to Avail any Coupons at PetSmart?

PetSmart has several reward schemes and acquires a wide range of coupons such as Manufacturer’s coupons, printed coupons, and their own PetSmart coupons to help pets parents by saving money. 

  1. To be eligible to receive an online discount, one must purchase some products from the store then get applied the customer service creates a personal account that can be used to get offers. 
  2. All the eligible coupons are available on their official website ( )
  3. PetSmart app also avails valuable coupons, appointment booking and updates you with several other reminders. 

PetSmart is a reliable and safe place for your pets. It offers a 10% discount to the seniors on grooming and a stay at PetsHotel. To avail of the coupon, a proof identification card is a must for the services. These coupons are not valid on their merchandise and also on their products. There are various free reward schemes on the App & Website, which will help customers to save their pockets. 

  1. What is the cost of an overnight stay at PetSmart Hotels?

For overnight guests, the checkout timing is noon, The cost for Dogs is $16 while for cats it’s $12.

  1. Are Competitors’ coupons accepted for the discount?

PetSmart does not accept coupons from other companies. However, you can check their website for updates.

  1. Are Non-Traditional pets allowed in the center?

According to the Instore policy (, they are permitted only if the pet is a service animal under the federal guidelines – the Americans with Disabilities Act or with similar state/local laws and has a veterinary appointment with an in-store Banfield Hospital.

Petsmart Senior Discount

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