Burger King Whopper

Burger King is the second-largest burgers serving and food serving chain in the United States after McDonald’s. It is renowned for its unique tasting Whoppers. Various Whoppers made by Burger King serve different people according to their taste. Some like spicy, some like sour, and others like mildly sweet and mildly sour. Experimenting with new and unique sauces made their whoppers popular among many people.

Burger King Whopper

Due to the Whopper getting this famous, they started making not only one but many other types of Whopper, always coming up with unique and delicious sauces and being creative with kind vegetables to add to the burgers, making delicious combinations.

Different kinds of Whopper offered by Burger King

In all the listed Whoppers, you can get just the sandwich (Whopper), or you can also get a small, medium, or large meal depending upon your requirements. The small meal offers a small drink, any drink you would like, and a small side included, which you can choose from later. Like the small one, the medium combo offers a medium side that you can select later and the same for the large combo, a large drink, and a large side.


A classic and straightforward Whopper offered by Burger King contains about 657 calories and costs $5.79. This Whopper Sandwich has flame-grilled beef with fresh vegetable toppings of tomatoes, onions, lettuce with crunchy pickles, mayonnaise, and ketchup. The small of this Burger contains 979 – 1,788 calories, the medium meal contains around 1,013 – 1941 calories, and the large meal has 1,184 – 2,160 calories.

Impossible Whopper

This Whopper offers a flame-grilled patty with tomatoes, onions, and pickles. The sauces in this Whopper are mayo and ketchup. It is a meat-free option costing $6.79 for those looking to get only the veg stuff. This burger contains 626 calories, the small combo of this burger has 948 – 1,821 calories, the medium combo has 982 – 1974 calories, and the large meal has 1,157 – 2,193 calories.

Double Whopper

A fat Whopper that has not one but two patties in it of flame-grilled beef. Having topped with tomatoes, onions, lettuce with mayo, and ketchup also containing crunchy pickles. All stuffed in a sesame seed bun costs you around $6.99. The sandwich only has about 929 calories.

Triple Whopper With Cheese

This Whopper features not one, not two, but three flame-grilled beef patties topped with melted American cheese. Like others, it also has tomatoes, onions, lettuce with mayo, and ketchup with crunchy pickles. This Whopper will cost you $8.49 with 1,299 calories which is enormous. The small combo of this burger has 1,621 – 3,685 calories, the medium combo has 1,654 – 3,838 calories, and finally, the large one has 1,826 calories and can go up to 4,057 calories.

Texas Double Whopper

Another Whopper from Burger King with a highly unique taste. It contains lettuce, onions, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos with two patties. It will cost you $9.39 and has 1,150 calories. The small meal of this burger has around 1,473 – 2,320 calories, the medium meal has 1,506 – 2,473 calories, and the large meal has 1,678 – 2,692 calories.

Whopper Jr.

This Whopper is gold. You would want it every time it is small, cheap, and has fewer calories. If you are looking for a small but tasty Whopper, you need to go for it. It has a beef patty with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and mayo, and ketchup. It would not cost you much. It is just $2.69 with only 314, a perfect number of calories.

Some More

It not only ends here when you feel like eating your favorite Whopper but at the same time are bored of it. You can have different types of add-ons on your Whoppers like bacon, cheese, or even both of them. This will enhance the taste of the Whoppers. Wait, there’s even more. 

After adding add-ons, you can get extra condiments on your Whopper to further improve the flavor, like extra ketchup, mayo, or even add mustard. When you get your favorite condiments and add-ons, you can also increase the number of vegetables like more lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles. When you are done adding your Whoppers to your cart, you can proceed by checking out and waiting for the delicious whoppers to get ready. 


Burger King offers an excellent range of Whoppers depending upon how hungry you are or your taste. The Whopper Jr., in my opinion, is a perfect option for any time anywhere. The Triple Whopper with Cheese is a tempting one, but it also has a lot of calories. If you do not care about it, enjoy it. It tastes fantastic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Are the Whoppers heavy?

Yes, all the Whoppers can be heavy except the Whopper Jr.

Q2 Are all the Whoppers spicy?

No, not all Whoppers are spicy. Only a couple of them are meant to be spicy. The classics would not be too spicy, and Whopper Jr. also. 

Burger King Whopper

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