Does Apple accept Affirm?

Affirm is a financial technology company headquartered in the United States in San Francisco. Max Levchin founded it in 2012. Affirm allows you to buy products of various famous brands immediately and pay for them later with no interest. Affirm is available in countries like the United States, Australia, Canada. It is not available in many countries yet, but the company is making an effort to expand its availability to different regions. You can only benefit from their buy now and pay later if your favorite company or brand accepts it. Many do, whereas many do not.

Does Apple accept Affirm?

Affirm at Apple

Many of the population in North America loves Apple products, but they might be costly

for many of them. Still, you would want them, your favorite MacBook, the latest iPhone. The good news is that Affirm is accepted by Apple, which means you can take your favorite Apple product right away without paying anything immediately and instead settle in installments that take up to 24 months. Apple has an individual page for paying with Affirm, and Apple is promoting that. Here is a table explaining Monthly payments, number of settlements with an assumed Purchase Amount that is $999.00.

Purchase AmountMonthly PaymentNumber of PaymentsInterest ChargesProcessing FeesCost of BorrowingCredit RateRepayment Amount

As you can see, you will have to pay nothing more than the purchase amount. The Repayment Amount is the same as the Purchase amount! You can easily avail of this offer at your nearest Apple Store. Here is a table for maximum Term Lengths on the Apple Products 

ProductAPRTerm Length
iPhone0%24 months
Mac0%12 months
iPad0%6 months

There are Limitations too!

Until now, nothing about the limitations was mentioned. All sounded like an easy process, but there are some limitations to being eligible for this offer. Being eligible for this offer is not a difficult process, it is more like a verification process so no one misuses the benefits of it. Here is how to be eligible to become eligible for it.

  • Step 1: Head to Apple’s website
  • Step 2: Once landed on the website, go to financing and look up the Affirm offer
  • Step 3: Click on the Apply Now button
  • Step 4: Once clicked, you will be redirected to another website hosted by paybright from Affirm
  • Step 5: Here, enter your personal details like First name, Last name, Birthdate, Home Address
  • Step 6: You may also enter your address manually if you can not find it in the list
  • Step 7: Click continue once you fill in the details
  • Step 8: Now, you will get a decision right away, telling if you are eligible or not

Apple also accepts Affirm at Physical Apple Stores too.

Buying Apple Products from Affirm

You can also buy your favorite Apple Products from the Affirm online shopping store instead of going to the Apple Store. Here you can also pay using Affirm and get the products at a discounted price. Here is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Head to Affirm website
  • Step 2: Here go the Affirm store and choose the Apple Product you want to purchase
  • Step 3: Add the products in the cart you would like to purchase
  • Step 4: Review the cart and make sure you only see the products, you added
  • Step 5: Add the required details like Country, State or Province, Zip or Postal Code (Optional)
  • Step 6: Click on ‘Calculate Shipping’, if you would like to know the rates of shipping, else click ‘Proceed to Checkout
  • Step 7: Now select a Payment method you would like to pay with
  • Step 8: Payment Methods accepted by Affirm are ShopPay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Credit Card, Affirm (Pay over time), Katapult, Google Pay
  • Step 9: After selecting the choosing the payment method, put in your contact information, Shipping Address, and other required details
  • Step 10: Select the Shipping Method you want. Available methods are Free Shipping, FedEx 2 Day Delivery in two business days, and FedEx Standard Overnight in one business day.
  • Step 11: Taxes will be automatically calculated, enter the payment details and you can also choose a credit card. Accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more
  • Step 12: After entering the details click the Pay Now button and it is done. Wait for your order to arrive!

Affirm Debit+

You can also use the Affirm Debit+ card for making purchases at brands supporting this payment method. You may also choose to split purchases that are eligible at 0% APR using the Debit+ mobile app. If you are interested in this card, you can join the waitlist from Affirm’s website.

Apple’s Future Plans

This was something Apple would not benefit much from this program. So, they are considering bringing more offers to their payment and financial service that is Apple Pay. Apple is also reportedly planning new financing programs, discounts, and offers if you purchase Apple products using Apple Pay and this will not only work if you use an Apple Card it will also be applicable with any other Apple Pay payment method!


Affirm is a fantastic payment method allowing you to pay over a long time without any interest. Affirm’s online store offers even more discounts and offers over that which is another great thing. Overall, Affirm is an excellent service and I would recommend it to everyone. However, if you can pay in one go then it is always better to do that. So, it also depends on your paying capability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can you buy all kinds of Apple Products from the Affirm online store?

Yes, Affirm offers a variety of Apple Products all at a discounted price

Q2 Can you buy more than one product using Affirm at a time?

Yes, it is possible to buy more than one product. It depends on the spending limit you are eligible for and can highly vary.

Does Apple accept Affirm?

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