Village Value Return Policy

It is an international company that has private second-hand shopping departments. The value village is well-known as savers, and the company CEO is Mark Walsh. They have products like footwear, electronics, home appliances, clothes, furniture, etc. The company has its own 315 stores in different countries and states. The company has a total revenue of $859,291,000. In 1954, the company started and built an affordable shopping area. William O. Ellison started the village value and made it today well-known amongst everyone. They have different policies, and you have to follow the terms and conditions. It is necessary to follow the rules of the policy. See Village Value Return Policy

Village Value Return Policy

Village Value Return Policy

You can return the product, but they won’t refund the cash.

You can return the product within seven days from the date you purchased it.

The parcel can be sent back to the company in the given period.

They will only accept the product if you have a receipt and all the tags on the product.

You can send the package back to the nearest store or online.

The final sales products are not for returns. The discount products are also not for returns.

Once you purchase something from the final sale or discount, you cannot return it.

If you use a gift card, you won’t get credits in the gift card account.

If the product is damaged or harmed, they won’t accept the package.

You can return the parcel online.

How to return the product?

You can contact them through mail or call them.

Once you send the mail, the company will check the purchase.

You have to write your name, address, details, order number in the mail and then send them.

You should have a receipt to return the parcel.

You can also go to the store in return for the package, and they will first check the order number.

Then they will return the package if it is their store product.

You can also order online and select the payment process.

You can even send the product in inventory.

Can you exchange any product?

Yes, you can exchange products.

They have an exchange policy available for a few products.

You can log in to your account and select the product for exchange.

You can call them and contact them.

For the clothing, jewellery, accessories exchange, you have seven days to exchange the product that you have purchased.

They will decide a date and time and pick up the packet from your location.

Correctly keep the package. They won’t accept the exchange.

Send correct information about you, and they will take delivery charges for the exchanged product.

You have to follow terms and conditions.

How to track the order?

Check the order history and see where the parcel has been sent to the correct location.

You can check the order number and see the area of the package.

If your order has been sent, you will receive mail.

You can check the tracking number and see your package.

You can even add the order number in the mail so that the company gets to know about the parcel.

It is necessary to check the terms and conditions of the return policy.

The order will be in 2-3 days from the date of purchase.

Return of the products:

Some products are free and exchangeable.

They have different policies for free products, and the delivery charges are applied.

You can return the product in-store or online.

The free return products are jewellery, accessories, clothing, etc.

The receipt is necessary for the verification of the product.

All the final sale products are non-refundable, and no returns are accepted.

You can even buy from gift cards if you want to purchase anything.

You can contact your nearest store and correctly return the product.

Follow and read the return policy. It is necessary to follow the policies.

Can you buy anything with a gift card?

You can buy a gift card of village value.

You have to use only one card for the purchase.

You can use the gift card in the country where you have purchased it.

You can buy anything from the gift card.

To use a gift card and purchase anything, you have a daily limit in the policy.

If the gift card is lost, you won’t get a refund or a new card.

Discounts and coupons are not there on the gift card.

If the gift card doesn’t have any money, it will get deactivated.


The village value return policy has different policies, and they have their pros. The final sales are non-exchangeable and refundable. You can return it online or in-store. You can contact them through email, phone, or go to the store. You will be given a tracking device for the return policy. The damaged products won’t be accepted and cannot be returned. A receipt is necessary for the return of any product. The gift card can only buy products, but you cannot return them.

Read the return policy carefully and follow the steps on how to return a product.

You can use the gift card for purchasing products.

It is necessary to know the return policy.

You can return the product in seven days.

Village Value Return Policy

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