Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

If you are keen on finding the best bargain for your latest purchase, it would be very disappointing to find out a few days after the purchase, that the product has since reduced in price. However, in a bid to ensure its customers save as much as possible when shopping, Walmart has created a policy to adjust price. Here is what entails Walmart’s price adjustment policy and how you can take advantage of it and save some money! As of 2022, Walmart will adjust the price of a product that has reduced in price within 7 days after buying it. Products that are subject to Walmart’s price adjustment policy include groceries, home décor, furniture, clothing, appliances and more.

Walmarts Price Adjustment Policy

On the other hand, the price adjustment is not available to products purchased through Walmart Marketplace from a third-party vendor.

Would you like to know if the product you just bought is subject to the policy’s price adjustment? What will you require in order to complete the price adjustment process and obtain your refund? Stay with us to learn more about this and other topics.

Products covered under the Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Normally, opened and unused products are eligible for price adjustments. Walmart usually allows price adjustment for majority of the items in its large product line. A few of the prominent examples include:

  • Appliances
  • Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s clothing
  • Automotive products 
  • Non-alcoholic groceries
  • Home Decor 
  • Furniture

How Long Do You Have to Make a Price Adjustment at Walmart?

A claim for refund from price adjustment must be made within seven days after the original purchase. If you are shopping online via and you find an identical item to yours at a cheaper price, you should call Walmart’s customer service staff within 7 days, even if the product hasn’t arrived, and declare the new price. Only then will Walmart be willing to refund you the difference of the items.

How To Perform Price Adjustments at Walmart?

It’s important to keep in mind that the procedure for making a price adjustment is determined by the method used to make the initial purchase. If you bought the product in a Walmart store, you can only get a price adjustment there. Price adjustments for products purchased online, on the other hand, are handled by Walmart’s customer care.

When making an in-store request, you will not need to bring the purchased item with you. However, proper proof of purchase will be required. The request will be processed at a customer care desk or at a self-service checkout line. Thereafter, the price difference will be returned via the original payment method as soon as it is determined that the item has a new price.

For online shoppers seeking price adjustments, they will have to contact the customer service team within the stipulated time to confirm that the item’s price has been adjusted. In addition, they will also have to scan and upload their original receipts as proof of purchase. 

Once the request is authorized, the customer will receive their refund within 10 days. Customers should contact their banks or financial institutions if they are experiencing any difficulties in obtaining their refunds.

Will Walmart Make Price Adjustments Without a Receipt?

Sadly, without valid proof of purchase, Walmart will not be able to adjust the price of the items you have purchased. Such proof can be a receipt from the original store of purchase or an online order invoice. 

Proof of purchase is absolutely vital since it serves as evidence of the initial price paid for the item before adjustment and the method of payment used to purchase. The cashier requires this information before a refund can be authorized.

Does Walmart Do Price Adjustment for Online Orders?

All items sold and shipped by Walmart online on are subject to price adjustment under this policy. This means that items sold online by other third-party sellers are not eligible for price adjustment.

Does Walmart Adjust the Price of Sale Items?

The price of items sold on offer during sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not subject to adjustments. Walmart exempts these sale items in order to prevent customers from taking advantage of the significantly reduced prices and obtaining refunds unfairly. Furthermore, after an item has been purchased from Walmart, the price of limited-edition buys, clearance sales, special buys, and Value of the Day items cannot be adjusted.

What Are the Limitations to Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy?

Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy has the following limitations which may prevent you from performing a price adjustment. 

  1. To begin with, any items purchased more than 7 days before the claim is made cannot be subject to price adjustment under the policy. 
  2. Further, the policy does not cover items sold by third-party sellers on the online Walmart Marketplace. 
  3. Because of differing state laws, Walmart does not allow price adjustment for alcoholic products.
  4. If you have a Walmart Plus membership, any membership discounts and deals offered cannot be applied for a price adjustment. 
  5. Keep in mind also that damaged, used or refurbished products are not eligible for price adjustment.


To take advantage of the Walmart Pricing Adjustment Policy and save some money, customers must be aware of price fluctuations. Customers will not be advised of this cost-cutting program, nor will they be notified when prices fall. As a result, it is now your job to be more cautious in order to get any prospective refund.

Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

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