Does Macy’s Sell Louis Vuitton Bags?

Macy’s is an American departmental store which was founded in the year 1858. Rowland Hussey Macy founded Macy’s with the purpose of ensuring that the customers receive the best services. Macy’s are most popular for their innovation in fashion through e-commerce. Louis Vuitton bags are only available at selected Macy’s stores. In New York 2 of the Macy’s stores sell Louis Vuitton bags.

Does Macys Sell Louis Vuitton Bags?

They are Macy’s Herald Square and Macy’s Roosevelt field. One can use Macy’s credit card offers to avail some discount while purchasing from louis vuitton. 

Does Macy’s have Louis Vuitton? 

Louis vuitton malletier is one of the most trusted fashion companies. They are mainly known as louis vuitton or by the initials LV. Louis vuitton is a french fashion company dealing with luxury goods. Founded in the year 1854 by louis vuitton. 

Louis vuitton is known for its luxury bags. May it be handbags, travel bags and many more.  Which represents the fact why Louis Vuitton’s bag solds out fastly. In general all the bags of Louis vuitton are far more expensive than any other brand. This is mainly because of the high manufacturing cost as well as their premium quality. The fun fact is that Louis Vuitton’s brand is the most counterfeited brand in the world. 

This also explains that not many departmental stores have louis vuitton in them. Even Macy’s only has 2 new york stores which have louis vuitton. One is located at Macy’s Herald square. They are on the 1st floor of 151 west, 34th street. They even have different timings for their stores on sundays. Monday to Saturday their timings are from morning 10:00AM to evening 9:30PM (ET). During sundays they are open from morning 11:00AM to evening 8:30 PM. 

Another store in New York which has louis vuitton is Macy’s Roosevelt field. They are situated at 630 old country road, garden city NY 11530. Monday – Friday the store is open from 10:00AM – 9:30PM ET. On Saturdays they are open from 10:00AM – 10:00PM ET. On Sundays they function with different timings. They are open from morning 11:00AM –  8:00PM ET. Those who are in New York or planning trips to New York to purchase louis vuitton. Plan your visit to Macy’s store accordingly. 

How to identify real Louis Vuitton bags from fake ones? 

Since louis vuitton is the most counterfeited brand in the world. Here are some tips and tricks to identify a real louis vuitton from fake ones. This will help all the customers to save themselves from fraud. 

Examine the shape, posture and their propositions

If you are purchasing Louis Vuitton bags. Then you are investing in the most durable and luxury brand. The shape, posture and the propositions of the bag has a lot to do with its brand. Due to which it is considered as one of the most important steps. The brand new LV bags should be perfect. Their handles should be sturdy and the bag shouldn’t droop. Material of the bags from which they are made plays an important role. Not only on their posture and shape but also with their durability and quality. 

Examine their stitching quality and pattern

The authentic louis vuitton is hand stitched bags. The stitching pattern and their quality has a lot to do with the brand. Just like anything else, LV’s stitching should be flawless and aligned in such a way. 

Look closely at the stamping, size and shape of the font 

All the Louis Vuitton bags have a stamp inside the bag. The label indicates ‘louis vuitton paris’. Their font, style, size and shape plays a major role in identifying whether they are original or not. The stitching of the stamp should be perfectly aligned and flawless. There should not be any gap between L and O. And the symbol R should be exactly aligned between the centre of V and U. The two TT’s are close together without any space. And the O should be round instead of oval. These are the tips which one can use to identify whether it is fake or not. 

Tips and tricks

Subscribe to the newsletter of louis vuitton 

It doesn’t hurt to subscribe to the newsletter of the luxury brand. From where you will be informed about the promotions and promo code. This will help the customers to be aware of the promotions and code. Which will help to cut down the money while purchasing. 

Search for the departmental stores which have louis vuitton and make the best out of it

There are major perks while purchasing louis vuitton from departmental stores. That is you will be able to avail perks of such departmental stores. Such as store credit cards, family and friends sales etc. Which will help to save a lot of money while purchasing. 

Following the social media handle of the brand

The major benefit of following brands in social media is:  You will be able to know when the sales happen, or promotions etc. you can also get the promo code from which you can make the purchase. Louis vuitton is in 2 major social media platforms. They are facebook and twitter. Make sure you follow the brand on these handles. 

Give a try on discounted gift cards

Sometimes there is a chance that in sites like gift card granny and raise. There will be gift cards for Louis Vuitton going on. But it tends to sell out fastly. So make sure you check their website occasionally for such discounts. 


It is clear that you will be able to find Louis Vuitton bags from different websites. Which are mostly fake and counterfeit. It is advisable to buy them mostly from their own website. Or from departmental stores such as Macy’s. 

Frequently asked questions
  1. Will I be able to use Macy’s card at Louis vuitton? 

Yes, you will be able to use Macy’s card. While purchasing Louis Vuitton from Macy’s store. 

  1. Is louis vuitton sold in departmental stores? 

Yes, they are sold in selected departmental stores. Such as macy’s, bloomingdales etc. 

Does Macy’s Sell Louis Vuitton Bags?

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