Does converse take Afterpay?

Absolutely yes. Converse accepts Afterpay flexible payment options to its customers in the US. Afterpay offers you the opportunity to buy now Converse products without full payment and pay them off the balance over time with no interest, no credit checks and no extra fees when you pay on time. Shoppers can buy now all the products they need through a simplified Afterpay application.

Does converse take Afterpay?

Steps to use Afterpay service facility

To use the service, download the application on App Store, Google Play Store or go on the Afterpay website Create an Afterpay account instantly by filling in your personal details to launch your digital Afterpay Card. There are long forms that are filled and you get to be approved instantly. The next step is linking the Afterpay card with Apple pay or Google pay to make your first payment easier by making Afterpay as your payment method on your first installment. Look out for the Converse retailer on the Afterpay app and select the goods you require and complete the check-out process, items ordered will be shipped to you by the retailer.

The first initial down payment can be done through mobile payment on receiving goods to make the purchase and the next payments are split into four installments. A minimum of six-week period is given to make your remaining payments.

You can also get details of next payment on the Afterpay application. Next scheduled payments can be done automatically through debit or credit cards which can be linked automatically on the Afterpay app. There will be no extra fees, no credit checks and no interest when you pay on time and no specified minimum required purchase amount.

No prices increase when paying through Afterpay app

Absolutely no. Converse does not increase prices when a customer decides to purchase through Afterpay. The products are all for women, men and kids and custom made shoes can also be made upon request especially to all members. Customers can get latest prices on and also latest sale. Free shipping is given on purchased goods that are over $50.00 to anywhere or sign up to be a converse member and get free delivery each time you buy.

Converse 30 day free returns

Once you receive your goods and you are not satisfied, you can return the goods within 30 days and get money back or get replacement. The company also offers free shipping for its members .To be a member, you have to log in on and create an account to get exclusive discount offers and latest products. The 30 days return policy allows you to get your product even if shipping is involved and get to pay your installments satisfied.

Afterpay penalty fees

Using Afterpay means you have to get your timelines correct. Make sure you make payments on time otherwise you will get 25% increase as penalty fees for breaching the timelines on installments.

Very convenient

Afterpay app is convenient as it is located exactly where the best shopping sites are and offer a convenient way to just shop all the goods you need. Afterpay is also available to most countries and the rest of the United States. Despite your location, this service offers the best opportunity to get all you want where ever you want. You can also pay all your installments using google pay or apple pay thus making it easier for shoppers to always pay on time.

Afterpay terms and conditions

Absolutely yes, once the shopper has created an order, they get to read the agreement and understand it on their own before they commit to the instalments within six weeks. The agreement covers issues like in case of disputes for specific customers in different geological locations. The Afterpay app also has clear terms of service that allow the shopper to have assurance that its very legit.

The Afterpay app allows you to get alerts on new products, see your spending limit and help you shop whenever you want. Converse offers best quality shoes and you can use Afterpay payment service facility at a lower cost with more flexible payment options over a period of time.

Frequently answered questions

Is Afterpay reliable?

Afterpay uses highest level of security (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). It is very safe and secure to use.

Can l return goods after purchase?

Yes, you can return goods. You will need to contact the retailer to find out how it handles refunds. Once successful in returning goods to the retailer, Afterpay will refund all payments done.

Can l change my Converse order?

Orders can be changed quickly if one calls, but if they are unable to cancel the order, goods can be returned within 30 days free of charge.

Does converse take Afterpay?

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