Does Thrive cosmetics accept Afterpay?

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We live in fast times where everything is available just by tapping a button on your phone, downloading an app, or by clicking your mouse keys. No one wants to wait because time is money.

Does Thrive cosmetics accept Afterpay?

A considerable number of buy now and pay later platforms like affirm, PayPal and Afterpay have emerged in recent times. Afterpay allows you to pay later for your purchases generally in four installments each separated by two weeks’ time. The most striking feature is that it has no added interest or fees unless you fail to pay on the stipulated time.
Now you don’t have to worry about credit card debts adding up after a sudden impulse shopping and neither do you have to wait to receive your paycheck to buy something.

Does Thrive cosmetics accept Afterpay?

Yes, for all orders above $35 Afterpay is accepted as a payment option.
As of now the purchase of Thrive cosmetics products from physical retail locations is not possible as a precaution towards Covid-19. However, their products can be bought exclusively through their online website and payment can be made using Afterpay at checkout.

Afterpay is accepted in many popular stores across the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand. It is affiliated with stores and products that range from furniture, home decor, beauty, and wellness.
Some popular stores and brands that offer this payment option include Forever21, Adidas, GAP, lululemon, Urban outfitters, Levis, etc.

About Thrive Causemetics

It is a clean beauty brand founded by make-up artist Karissa Bodnar after she lost her close friend to cancer. The beauty brand sells makeup and skincare products that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. This brand keeps the well-being of your skin and the environment in mind when formulating its products. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and fragrance offering you a non-toxic and natural cosmetic option.

It offers a wide variety of high-quality makeup products but it is well-known for its long-lasting mascara. It also offers special sets and an option to customize your own makeup and skincare set.

Thrive for a Cause

This luxury beauty brand makes high-end clean makeup products that are fueled by a charitable cause.

Makeup can be empowering while making you feel strong, powerful, and confident. Staying true to their tagline, “Bigger than beauty”, Thrive cosmetics take empowering women quite literally and seriously. They either donate money or products on every purchase.

The legitimacy of the donations made was questioned several times with a lawsuit that was filed against the company but the claims are yet not to be proven.

How does Does Thrive cosmetics Afterpay work?

Unlike credit cards that lend you money, Afterpay directly pays the retailer. When you buy products online, you will just have to set up an Afterpay account and choose it as the method of payment during checkout. You can keep a track of the due dates for payment on the Afterpay mobile app. To use its benefits in-store you will have to create a digital Afterpay card that you can link to any digital payment wallet like google pay or apple pay.

To be able to use Afterpay you just need to be above the age of 18 and own a debit or credit card. Also, it doesn’t report to the crime bureau so it won’t affect your credit score if you forget to pay on time but you will have to pay concession fees.

More safe

The benefits and services that Afterpay provides can almost sound unbelievable. Isn’t it a bit too convenient? Maybe it is unsafe? These are some of the most common questions that are frequently asked by many first-time users.
However, you don’t have to worry about the credibility of this platform as it is certified and all transactions are completely safe.

Shipment and delivery

Shipment and delivery time are the same as standard shipment time regardless of the payment method. It takes around 2-4 business days for delivery through USPS with no shipping charges on orders above $35.


Can I refund the payment made using Afterpay?

Thrive cosmetics is known for having a generous and easy exchange policy. It pays great attention to customer satisfaction. The return policies and terms all remain the same even when the payment is made through Afterpay.
The initial payment is refunded to your Afterpay account and any future payments are canceled.

In some cases, it takes time for the refund process to be initiated and your money might still be cut. The refund is usually made within 14 days. In case of any issues, you can contact Afterpay through the mail.

Can I pay early?

Yes, you can pay the required amount at one go, earlier than needed, or in a lesser number of installments. The only issue is when payment is not made past the due date which will be charged by a fee.

Does Thrive cosmetics accept Afterpay?

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