Bandier Return Policy

With the uncertainties surrounding the business world, especially online marketing, returns, and refunds have become inevitable. Consumers might opt for a refund in the event they receive damaged products, wrong sizes are delivered, or simply if the products do not meet their expectations. Most organizations are coming up with policies to govern the return and refund process to cushion their operations. Here, we will see Bandier Return Policy.

Bandier Return Policy

Bandier Return Policy

Bandier International Shipping agency has a precise return and refund procedure, which guarantees consumer satisfaction. For the approval of return and return of a product, Bandier has clear regulations and expectations on:

The time frame of return

The condition of the product

Final sale products

The Time Frame of Return

Bandier expects that all return and refund claims must be launched within 21 days after delivery. If a claim is not made within this period, the company expects that the consumers have been contented with the products delivered. For instance, an order placed on November 11th through December 26th can be returned or exchanged until the 15th of January. Fourteen states have passed Return and Refund policies. Most of the states have considered 14 days to be the most ideal claim period after shipment. Therefore, the 21 days allowed by the agency gives clients enough time to assess the products delivered before making final decisions.

The Condition of the Product

Bandier shall only approve the return and refund of products that are in their original condition. Clients need to ensure the products are in mint condition as they process their claims. Any goods that appear worn out or mishandled cannot be returned or replaced.

For instance, all footwear must be returned in its original box and without any postal labels. In addition, all tags and labels must be intact since products with missing or damaged tags shall not be accepted. Any damages on tags and labels must be reported immediately upon delivery of the shipment. The agency shall only take full liability for damages incurred during the shipment.

Final Sale Products

Just like all other shipping agencies, Bandier International does not approve return claims made on final sale products. To cushion consumers from such inconveniences, all final sale products are clearly labeled so as scrutiny is made before purchase.

Since the sale is “final” clients must only accept products after they are fully contented. In most cases, final sale merchandise is well discounted to attract potential purchasers. However, this should not be a reason for someone to make an order for a faulty or damaged product.

The company reserves the right to reject returns that do not meet the stipulated return requirements.

Upon approval of the claim, the agency offers three options to the clients:

Exchange for a new product size

The purchaser is allowed to return the product and select a new size where the claim was based on the size of the merchandise. The new order shall then be shipped right away!

Exchange for a new product style

The purchaser, upon return for a new style, shall be given a think gift card on which they can make an instant new order online for the desired style.

Full refund

Where the consumer is not willing to make a new order, a claim for a full refund can be made. Bandier shall send a return label to the client, which has to be affixed to the package and dropped at any FedEx location. The client will then have to wait for a minimum of ten working days for the refund to be processed. During this period, the product is inspected for any damages. The client shall then receive an email notification confirming their refund.


Thus, we came to know about the Bandier Return Policy. Bandier International Shipping agency is conscious about consumer satisfaction hence allows for the return and refund of merchandise whenever there is dissatisfaction. The agency, however, has clear regulations which the clients have to adhere to for their claims to be approved. Clients have to make claims within 21 days of shipment, return the merchandise in original form and be aware that claims on final sale goods shall not be processed. Upon approval, clients are required to either make new orders or apply for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return the Merchandise in Store?

As the claim is being processed, clients cannot return their online orders in store. Instead, the orders have to be shipped back to the agency’s fulfillment center and wait for the refund or replacement. In the event the consumers have queries concerning the process, the Full Return Policy is available on the agency’s website for reference.

What If the Merchandise Is a Preorder?

All orders come with an order number, which clients must take note of since it’s the basic requirement for processing claims. For the case of preorders, the company requires that clients processing returns should only use the last eight digits of the order number attached to it. for instance, if the order number of a product is 324567820, the client should drop 3, the first digit, and key in 24567820.

Bandier Return Policy

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