Day: January 18, 2022

Is Walgreens a franchise?

Walgreens Company is known to be the second-largest American pharmaceutical company after CVS Health. It primarily focuses on the production of health and wellness products, supply of prescription, retail as well as wholesale services. Walgreens was founded in 1901 and has its headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, Chicago. Walgreens is no more just Walgreens. In December […]

Who makes EverStart batteries?

EverStart is a well known brand that manufactures batteries for a variety of vehicles. Wal-Mart being their official retailer offers them a leg up in being a household name. Despite their notoriety, finding out who exactly manufactures these batteries has been quite a journey. From articles on “trusty” Google, two companies came up. They include […]

Anthropologie Outlet Locations

Anthropologie is a store owned by Urban Outfitters and they sell clothing, accessories and house stuff but while Urban Outfitters carters to younger people, Anthropologie has a following from all ages. The Anthropologie Home Outlet is located in Pittsburgh at the Bakery Square and the Galleria Mall in Mt. Lebanon. Here we will see the […]

Bandier Return Policy

With the uncertainties surrounding the business world, especially online marketing, returns, and refunds have become inevitable. Consumers might opt for a refund in the event they receive damaged products, wrong sizes are delivered, or simply if the products do not meet their expectations. Most organizations are coming up with policies to govern the return and […]

Does Pretty Little Thing Take AfterPay?

Quite a number of online shoppers frequently wonder and ask if Pretty Little Thing has the AfterPay option. Well, we are about to find out. This article will further give you a better understanding on who can use AfterPay and how you can use it.  If you’re wondering if Pretty Little Thing accepts AfterPay, I […]

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