Does OnlyFans Accept Prepaid cards?

In this article, we will see Does OnlyFans Accept Prepaid cards?

OnlyFans is a global social media site that allows account holders to curate content and avail it to paying consumers (fans) at a fee. The content can originate from musicians, gym instructors, and adult performers.

Does OnlyFans Accept Prepaid cards?

In case you are wondering how people pay to watch this content, this is how:

Payment on OnlyFans takes two primary modes 1. Fans can subscribe to a monthly fee, usually ranging from $4.99 – $49.99. The use of credit and debit card has proven to be the most popular although some people pay with a prepaid card, provided it is loaded with enough cash in advance. Secondly, fans can tip their creators when they need exclusive or premium content sent to them. Similarly, cards are used.

According to the company, the site has more than 130 million users with $300 million worth of payments made to over one million creators.

Ways people pay to watch content on OnlyFans

Subscription fee

Payment of a monthly subscription fee is the most common form of payment on this site. Fans may choose to pay monthly or quarterly depending on the conditions set by the account holder. 

The rate is set by the content creators and usually ranges between $4.99- $5.99. Of the amount paid to content accounts, 20% goes to OnlyFans while the difference-80% goes to the content creators.

To pay for content: fans connect their card details to the account or buy digital coins. Once a card is connected, the system will automatically deduct the OnlyFan account subscription fee. 

Provided a card has money whether it’s a debit, credit, or prepaid one, the money intended to be paid to an account will be deducted automatically. 

Tip option

Fans can offer tips on their favorite content by selecting the tip option below a post. Account-holders on OnlyFans can also seek out tips by asking for them outright or creating premium content for access to tipping watchers. The amount of tip given is not limited and it could soar to highs fancied by the fan.

Other methods

Aside from the above-mentioned, a content creator may choose to send content to their subscribers and attach an amount that will unlock a hidden message (content). This is called pay-per-view (PPV)

For example, a gym instructor may send out a monthly workout plan to subscribers who can only view it if they pay the amount indicated on the video. If they do, the video opens automatically.

This approach encourages more subscriptions as only those subscribed can receive this content.

What is a prepaid card? 

A prepaid card is a transactional card that requires to be topped with money before it could be used. It is quite similar to a credit card only that it does not need to be linked to a bank.

How did OnlyFans come to be?

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 by British-born Timothy Stokely alongside his father and brother. Despite having been around for some years, the company only run into success in 2020, thanks to the global pandemic.

 With sources of income obliterated and orders of staying at home effected. OnlyFans presented itself as a viable source of income and entertainment.

In the year through November 2020, OnlyFans posted revenues of $400 million, up 540% over the prior year, 80% of which came from American customers, Forbes.

The number of creators also surged dramatically, with the likes of Cardi B, Tyga jumping onto the bandwagon to the delight of OnlyFans. The number of fans who pay also went up to 82 million, recording a 500% increase.

 Who is using OnlyFans?

The site is popular with musicians, body-builders, gym instructors but more notably -adult entertainers. Although the site is being fronted as a social media avenue just like Instagram and Twitter, the site abounds with explicit X-rated adult content.

In fact, the company has found itself in trouble in recent times for not flagging underage users who attempt to set up accounts. The controversy saw it ban sexual content for a while before reversing its decision. 

How content creators promote their OnlyFans account?

Most content producers cross-promote their talents on either Twitter, Instagram, Face book. This practice promotes visibility and drives traffic towards their OnlyFans account.

How much do content creators make?

OnlyFans has been lauded for not dictating the subscription rate unlike other business models such as taxi-hailing apps- Bolt and Uber. This aspect has made the site very attractive to people who want to cash in on their talents and creativity. 

Creators with huge followings make a substantive amount of money, for instance Blac Chyna who tops the charts for having the most followers rakes in $17 million per month.

And finally, while some people may want to cage information regarding their earnings from the public- understandably so. What we know for sure is what fans are paying is transforming the lives of content creators tremendously. 

Does OnlyFans Accept Prepaid cards?

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