Do Instacart shoppers steal groceries?

Spending bucks and receiving nothing has been a trend seen lately on Instacart. With the increase in online orders, the shoppers have also been giving a tough time to this nationwide delivery app. Several customers have reported their items as stolen and claimed back their funds. But do Instacart shoppers really steal groceries? 

Do Instacart shoppers steal groceries?

No, particularly they do not steal items: the shoppers love their job as much as we love our money. Besides, for the fact that they are rated based on their services and people always look for high-rated profiles to ensure safety. However, it has happened a couple of times that customers listed missing items in the order, and at times, people think they have gotten away with the groceries.

When it comes to groceries, it is always better to take precautions. You should always check your lists and receipts once the order arrives. Yet, you can also contact customer support and seek help in case of any mishap. The real question still stays: how do they steal? Let’s find out.

How Do Instacart Shoppers Steal Groceries?

Indeed, Instacart has been simplifying the grocery shopping needs of a typical household in the USA, even in the pandemic surge where most citizens are confined to their homes. But with such ease also comes misery. According to USA Today, several citizens have logged complaints on tweeter stating that they never received their orders or the shopper didn’t respond to their messages after getting done with the shopping. 

In one tweet, a customer named Connie Meyers said that the order was automatically marked as delivered where in fact, she didn’t receive anything in hours. Even worse, the shopper sent a picture of her old house, which according to her, could be quickly taken from the internet. So, what is taking up the storm? 

People have also acclaimed that shoppers sometimes leave the order outside of their buildings or apartments, which could be the reason for delivered items being swayed by someone else. At times, people have found specific items missing without any stated cause, which often makes them wonder whether the shopper is a thief or a bad manager. 

Although this delivery app has minimised the time spent for shopping, people still find their orders and money at risk. In general, this kind of mishap is compensated by the company. Still, it is evident through numerous posts that Instacart shoppers somewhat steal the groceries. 

Otherwise, where else would it go? Let’s find out.

What Occurs When a Customer Doesn’t Receive Their Order on Instacart?

Basically, what Instacart does is assign individual shoppers to shop for people by the nearby local stores and deliver directly to their doorstep. It keenly lets the customer aware of their order status and shopper details. 

However, people still have reported missing things from their lists and items for which they have already been charged. To ease this, Instacart Care has been evident with its support. They facilitate people to get a full refund or reschedule their same order without any cost. By calling their designated number, one can easily report any lost item and find help. This eventually assists people in claiming back their hard-earned money after evaluating and investigating the cause of delayed, missing, or undelivered items.

Does Instacart Shopper Know If You Complain?

Yes, Instacart shoppers do see comments and complaints from the customer. But for them, it is hard to identify who did it. Generally, when a customer complains or provides a rating on Instacart, it is posted anonymously. So, the comment gets on the shopper’s account without risking the customer’s identity.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get Fined For Mistakes?

Actually, no. Instacart shoppers do not get fined or penalised for mistakes in customer orders. Let’s get it straightened: mistakes can happen at both ends. However, Instacart has a rating system that determines the shopper’s overall performance. 

Based on it, shoppers are provided with more opportunities to earn a good amount of work and money. Perhaps clearly, it defines why high-rated profiles receive more orders than those below average. So, in clarity, Instacart evaluates the performance and provides chances to shoppers to remove their bad ratings with exemplary services. 


Instacart is a lifesaver: it has indeed eased many lives and employed people even in this daunting era. But being a citizen, it is a responsibility of both the customer and the shopper to clearly mention their order and accommodate if there is anything concerning about the order. As individuals, we often forget things, so it is advised to always check the items with the corresponding list at the checkout and after receiving. It can save valuable time, money, and of course, high rating profiles from getting any harsh comments or feedback. 


  1. How Do I Complain About an Instacart Shopper?

While ordering through the app, you can easily report any missing items or service issues by clicking the “Report a Problem” on the related order. If needed, you can adjust the feedback or ratings also. There are various issues to select with, after which you can also mark for the items you are charged. In case of any mishap or damages, you can also state the affected items in the order.

  1. How long does it take to get a refund on Instacart?

When you complain about an order, the negotiable time is within 7 days of delivery or pick up. Once the issue is stated, the request is immediately processed. However, it can take 5-10 business days actually to receive the funds in your bank account.

Do Instacart shoppers steal groceries?

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