Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Have you ever been to those thick weddings where you find a camera for the guests on the table? Yeah, that is a disposable camera – the one-time-use camera. Today when everybody has access to smartphones the idea of carrying a disposable camera might not be appealing. But these cameras have their own advantages of being small, low cost, fun, and often handy when you don’t want to carry your digital camera on the trips. Now you might be wondering where to find these tiny comfortable gadgets and if your favorite Walmart, also famous as Wally-mart, develops them. Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Yes, Walmart does provide the service of a photo center where you can get these films developed but it sends them to another place for development. If you want to know what is the process for this and how much does it cost then continue reading.

How To Get Your Disposable Cameras Developed At Walmart?

The process to get your disposable camera developed is very simple and hustle-free. All you have to do is follow these steps:-

Take your camera containing your precious memories to the Walmart photo center store before their drop-off time (which is 9:00 am).

Put it in an envelope and drop it in the box assigned for processing films.

Fill the form in which you will have to provide the necessary detail for the size of photos that you want and the number along with the desired form of delivery.

How Long Does It Take To Develop The Disposable Cameras At Walmart?

After you drop your camera at the store, Walmart sends it to another place for the development of the films that is why it is important that you do it before the drop-off time. It usually takes one week time to develop them and you get the standard size photos along with a CD containing them. These photos are delivered by Walmart itself and not the third party, but due to the involvement of a third party, it may take more than one week.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Disposable Cameras At Walmart?

Walmart provides the photos only in the standard size of 4″X 6″ and the price for it depends on the number of prints you want and the exposures. The following table shows the price accordingly.

12 exposures24 exposures27 exposures36 exposures
Single Prints$7.96$9.96$10.96$13.96
Double Prints$9.96$12.96$14.96$18.96

How Can You Know If The Nearby Walmart Store Develops The Disposable Cameras?

The service of developing disposable cameras is available at all the in-store photo centers. So if you can find the center then be assured, soon you will get those virtually captured memories into your hands. But in case the store does not have a photo center then you would want to look at other options or call the helpline.

What Kind Of Disposable Cameras Are Available?

Walmart usually sells Kodak and Fujifilm disposable cameras ranging from flash cameras to underwater cameras. They usually have cameras with 35mm film but other sizes are also made available as per the demand. The Kodak disposable cameras have 27 films, which means you can shoot 27 photos.

What Are The Size Of Photos Provided By Walmart After Developing Disposable Cameras?

The photos provided by Walmart are the standard size of 4″ X 6″. But if you want other sizes then you will have to mention it and the price will change accordingly. Walmart also provides you with a CD containing the photos in electronic form.

Does Walmart Return The Film After It Has Been Developed?

No, Walmart does not return the films because it receives only electronic photos from the third party. The negative is disposed off by the third party.


So in a nutshell, Walmart does provide the service of developing disposable camera films at its in-store photo center. The photo center sends those cameras to the third party who develops the photos but does not return the negative to Walmart.

The price for developing a 4″ X 6″ photo is between $7 to $14 and varies according to the number of sets and exposures.

I hope your doubt is cleared now. So visit Walmart for developing your disposable cameras but do not forget to make sure that the photo center is available in the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What if there is no photo center in the nearby Walmart store?

You should find the number beforehand, call the store and confirm the time and availability of stores. If not available then you should consider other options or try at another Walmart store that might not be nearby you.

2- How many photos can be taken by a disposable camera?

Kodak disposable cameras have 27 films means you can take 27 photos . Although other cameras may have a different number of films.

3-Do we need to drop the films along with the camera or the camera is returned back?

No, neither the camera nor the films are returned back. You need to drop the camera along with the films at the photo center which will be sent to the third party.

4- What if I miss the drop-off time?

If you miss the drop-off time which is usually 9:00 am then your envelope containing the camera will be delivered to the third party the next day.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

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